Whistling Near Davy Jones Locker

Now the sea grows so dark,
While the waves become stark,
Gray clouds push the moon from the skies.
Crashing thunder was heard,
From our sleep, the crew stirred,
Veteran sailors, show concern in their eyes.

Still bellow from the deep,
Churning waters did sweep,
We make fast, the watertight doors.
Across the waves, our ship flies,
As the seagulls cease cries,
To crest near the rock covered shores.

When Poseidon's wrath plies,
And trident lightning rips skies,
Through fog's mist, and a rain darkened veil.
Angry storm waters rise,
It should be no surprise,
For we steer, straight into his gale.

On this foaming white wing,
Monstrous waves start to spring,
Tossing kisses at a shroud covered sky.
And if fear should grip me,
I will let no one see,
I'll just whistle, and pray it goes by.

~Yes, I confess, I was worried~