As the ship pulled from the dock,

Tears ran down her face,

Sacrifices made,

And could never be replaced

Storms crashed over ship,

Flowers wilted in her heart,

She didn't want to make this trip alone,

She wished someone was waiting,

On the other side of the world.

Laughter from the dock,

Grey from inside,

Children running gaily,

Demons running softly,

Love all but erased.

Standing outside the university,

A spark now relights,

A seed shot in her heart,

Growing now,


People surround her,

This time she feels not alone,

She feels the love,

The warmth,

The kindness,

The seed continues growing,

Enveloping her heart.

Her family stands around her,

Baby in her arms,

Love flowing back and forth,

She's found her place in the world,

And feels surrounded at last.