2015 my mom had her first stroke

Prior to that was a TIA and

Yo it was no joke

It paralyzed her for awhile

So now she can barely walk

When she's in one

She can hardly talk

She had her first seizure in 2016

If memory serves me correctly

It was close to Halloween

The first time I saw it

I was shocked

She gets in a daze, her eyes roll back

As her body rocks

It doesn't stop

Until at least 10 minutes later

Sometimes even more

Yo it's horrible seein her convulse on the floor

It upsets me to my very core

As the years gone by

She seems to be gettin worse

I fear one day she'll be layin in a hearse

That's what worries me most about my mom

That one day I'll wake up

To find her forever calm

For how long must her trauma go on

She can't go anywhere without her walker

She moves so slow and yo I'm always there

Cause there could be stalkers

When she tries to walk

She's almost fallin down

At least a hundred times each year

The ambulance we've been callin now

We owe a thousand plus on medical bills

My mom can't help but stress over that

On top of the fact that she's ill

Her life has been affected

By this catastrophe

But we gotta live with it

That's just the way it has to be

It's now 2019

And it's more of the same

But my brother and I are doin all we can

To stay sane

All cuz somethin affected my mom's brain

I don't know what's to blame

I all I do know is that nothin will ever be the same

I hate seein my mom in pain

She has to avoid crowds and flashin lights

Otherwise she'll convulse

And yo it's never a pretty sight

This is our life

But all things considered

I like to believe we're doin all right