I lay in bed, blinking my eyes. I could see people standing over me. Checking my blood pressure and heartbeat.

I had been in a terrible accident before all this.

I was driving in my car when a truck pulled out from the side and my car was smashed to pieces.

I lay there, white lights been shone into my eyes by medical torches, as I was moved into the ambulance.

I wish I could've shouted or yelled or screamed... but in honesty, I couldn't do anything.

I was paralysed from the head to the toes.

I had machines connected to me to keep me stable, but that wasn't what I wanted.

I wanted to sleep. I wanted to be put out of my misery.

But I couldn't tell them, I couldn't say a word.

Until finally a nurse came over to me, weeks later... and asked.

"Daniel... what do you need?"

We had been working on a communication project by using my eyes to blink letters. When the day came when I was brave enough, I blinked out the words.

Send me to sleep.

The nurse looked upset with me and whispered as if to keep this quiet.

"Why, Daniel?"

I looked at her, my eyes watering and blinked the letters.

I don't want to wake up anymore.

She looked at me, quietly, her own eyes getting wet from worried tears.

A teardrop managed to escape my eye and roll down my cheek softly.

The woman looked at me, seeing my pain, and whispered into my ear.


I saw her stand up from her chair, and go over to the machine.

A switch flicked off, and soon the pumps in the machine began to slow down until they stopped completely.

I felt drowsy, closing my eyes... and for the first time in months, a word left my dying lips.

"...thank... you..."

After that... all that I saw was the darkness of sleep.

The darkness of death.