Terrance got on the red stairs of the abandoned old altar before the huge steel dusty cross, dropped on his knees, and closed his light gold eyes. Divinity stood behind him cautiously feeling uneasiness cascade through her chest. She was beautiful; flawless sugar brown skin, chestnut dread locks that kissed her shoulders, an angular nose pierced with a golden hoop. She had very nicely well proportioned lips, they weren't too big and they weren't too small and they were pierced in the middle of lip. She got the piercing done mainly to give the impression to other females that she was at least experimental bi sexual. The most attractive thing about her were her captivating dark liquored eyes, something about them made any atheist feel a certain spark of spiritual light.

Now Terrance was an inconspicuously, mischievous, and morally misconstrued man that was inn tuned spiritually. He was very handsome indeed; he had these bronze light gold eyes and this Leonardo Di Caprio face but with yellow skin. He always looked extremely serious, engrossed in business or some type of mission, and then when he'd actually smile it'd look unnatural and almost scary it wasn't just right for him to smile. There was time long before Divinity and Terrance actually hooked up, he was coming down the church aisle and he waved at her slowly. She just smirked at him and he mimicked her but with a touch of disturbance, a glare from at the time Divinity saw was a burgundy red. He reminded her of a sick serial killer mime she watched on t.v years ago. How the mime was content with it's infernal life and calmly butchering people with the same red tranquil eyes that Terrance had.

The first time Divinity and Terrance hooked up she brought him to an old abandoned cathedral in West Oakland. He looked around at the shut down church perplexed, not knowing why she brought him here. Then Divinity walked up the stoop and opened the front door really carefully. Suddenly it sounded like a chorus of a thousand demons evolving into Heavenly angels, bursting out from within and blowing around Terrance and Divinity but the wind filled music didn't touch them. Then it suddenly stopped, Terrance was so smitten by the ineffable music that his angelic eyes were sparkling like pearls and sparkles.

"Now do you understand?" Divinity asked Terrance. She was trying to get him to comprehend her spirituality, that everything she learned of as a child came from the ones that were pulled between heaven and hell. She wanted him to empathize with her and understand that no matter if its a satanic song, her Chakra will glow golden, or if its Christian music it the same thing would happen. It's all the same thing, she was trying to get across, it's the way you want to perceive thoughts or ideas.

"I worship God through all music," Divinity said. "I had a sister and she taught me about telepathy and how you can worship God through all different types of music because even in 'The Music of God' it is also depraved. But I was the one to manipulate her ideas and make it into a source of power balance good and energy.

Terrance still couldn't understand how she used her infatuation with darkness to empower her love for God. People get sick from listening to black metal and death core, why does she get to get away with it? He looked into her precious olive eyes and said, "You have to choose a side Divinity. It's not the same thing, maybe in your twisted world but not in reality."

" You are so narrow minded ," Divinity whispered, "Remember that one time when I was high as a kite sitting in the back of church?"

"Yeah," Terrance said, "So?"
A sinister smirk came in the corner of Divinity's face she leaned forward and said, "I pissed off my younger brother the one that's like two years younger than me."

"So?" Terrance said looking suspiciously at her, waiting for her to get to the point.

"You know what I said to piss him off?"


"Fuck - God," Divinity said then laughed loud and obnoxiously, "And yet the Holy Spirit still comes to me on the alter in that Protestant church in shitty East Oakland. Ain't that some shit? My brother has more respect for God then me and he's damn near a Satanist. What you motherfuckers don't understand is that the God that is truly running the show is the Goddess, she is benevolent and malicious, she is amicable and perdition, she is unpredictable and spontaneous. She is beautiful and then she's ugly! She is omnipotent and omniscient. There is no before for her because she is forever and there is nothing you can do about it. And if you're a sexist then fuck yeah you can have her be a man, what ever suits to you but listen to her for each and everyone of us have been specially chosen for something and it's up to you to fulfill your deeds!"

Terrance shook his head, he was brought up in the church from when he was a little baby and everything he was taught out the bible was what he lived by at least most of the things. Ever since he went to the White House two years ago and saw unspeakable things, he lost some faith in the bible especially when David Macy leader of the free masons at the time revealed information of the bible that was written by pigs.

"So why'd you bring me here?" Terrance asked discomfited.

Divinity took his hand and pulled him into the church, it was very dingy in the air and moist smelling it also smelled like dust. There were benches with Natzi signs tagged everywhere along with the Satanic pentagram on them. A small stoop with a red carpet on it with holes laid in it going up to the alter where there was a huge steel dusty cross hanging before it.

" You can speak with Jesus, right?" Divinity asked Terrance.

"Yes," Terrance answered, "So what? You can too."

"No, I can't" Divinity said, "I just saw the Holy Spirit that motherfucker didn't tell me, shit."

Terrance laughed and bowed his head shaking his head, "You crazy'-"

"Wait," Divinity said, "I forgot to say when I was on the alter I felt this hellish high like a dark spirit but it was an intense, boisterous, gregarious darkness. It was like being on a new improved revitalizing cocaine or some shit. I felt hella badass on that shit like if I was a fallen angel without the swollen scars."

"Ah, hell naw," Terrance muttered, his eyes looked down on the dusty floor shifting apprehensively.

"What?"Divinity asked, placing her hand on his shoulder.

He looked up at Divinity and asked again, "Tell me why'd you bring me here?"

"Didn't you just see that shit with angels and demons singing together as friends!?"Divinity yelled grabbing at her hair, her eyes widened. "I want you to be a witness of my investigation Terrance, I'm starting to think that they copulate with each other and give birth to half demon half angel people."

Terrance scolded her after having an epiphany , "Weren't you going to get a tattoo of a half demon have angel on your back?"

He remembered her flirting with him, a long time ago and she said with a huge jackass smile, "I'm about to get this demon half angel tattoo on my back, its going to be badass." And he kept trying to pray with her but she refused playing hard to get in front of his wife.

Divinity nodded her head yes. "But I didn't do it! I took an ecstasy pill my ex boyfriend bought me for my birthday and I looked in the mirror and I saw a golden version of me and a dark evil half and it was about to roar at me but then I got scared and ran off. And then sometimes I'd see my face half golden half demon."

"Why the fuck didn't you tell me about this earlier?" Terrance said squinting his eyes at her.

"I didn't want you to get mad at me for taking ecstasy, I know how you feel about drugs that's how you lost your mom, right?" Divinity said in a tiny voice.

Terrance blew light air as he sighed and placed a hand on his forehead, he nodded his head 'Yes.' He then looked Divinity in the eyes and said, "Do you see anyone else like you?"

"Yes, my next door neighbor and my dad," Divinity explained slowly and carefully, "barely anyone likes my angel side though, they respect my nefarious side if anything and she's scary as Hell. Everyone likes evil over good even I do even though I'm good..I see how you treat your wife and how you always walk ahead in front of her like you don't want to be seen with her or you're upset or repulsed.

"The day you came at me strong was when I got scared because I was just minding my own business and I happened to look at you and you were giving me full attention JUST like a hungry wolf and fuck yeah it was scary. Then you stopped to look at me but I just shot back this blank stare you didn't understand I was just experimenting with you, I wasn't going to actually go after you that's fucked up you're married and you seem like a perfidious wolf after a young sheep in the church."

"Then why are you here with me today?" Terrance asked.

Divinity pressed her C cup chest against Terrence's chest,"You know, you and I both know why we are together today. We were lovers in our past lives, we were both angels together in harmony. They want to see us together, they want to see two angels set new laws on adultery and fornication.

Divinity withdrew from Terrance and shouted, "Get on your knees and pray to the holy cross! Terrance, lose all views of what you may think the Goddess is and meditate on the word GODDESS keep your mind clear and just meditate."

"Why the fuck here?"Terrance said.

"Now I need you to stop with all this cussin,"Divinity mimicked one of these ghetto girls that lived down the street from her. "This church was where my dad would take us on Easter along time ago when it was nicely put up and only white people would come and we'd be the only black people there dressed nicely and showing off."

"After my mom died," Divinity said lowering her eyes, tears started trickling down her cheeks, " I asked the Goddess to tell me if my mother was in a happy after life, this was at this church I walked up to her casket and then I heard the Goddess' voice reassuring me that my mom was doing well. I like to come here and talk to the Goddess everyone says she's confused but I think she wants you to think for herself other than always going up to her and asking questions.

Terrance got on his knees on the alter and bowed down before the cross, he thought of the Goddess as a black woman, and then he thought of blackness and losing perspective on what the holy spirit should be then suddenly he felt foot steps quickly walk around him over and over again and then they stopped and then out of the blue fire traced the steps that circled Terrance. "What the Hell?" he said.

"Touch it," Divinity said.

Terrance slowly poked the innocuous fire which didn't burn him at all. "What kind of bullshit is that supposed to mean?" He got out of the circle of fire and looked at his clothes to make sure he didn't get anything burnt.

"Why'd it do that?" Terrance asked Divinity

"Oh it just does that sometimes just to get to know you, your the first person I've brought here but it did do the same thing to me when I first got on the alter. Yeah it's some weird shit I don't even know why most of this shit happens but I live for it. I'm not your average daily girl full of lame information, I'm full of paranormal and spirituality and lots of steak!" Divinity yelled.

"What's this?"Terrance picked up a painting from one of the less dirtier benches. It was a picture of a bridge going from Heaven to Hell. And the bridge was etched with all kinds of weird symbols and then in the middle it was etched presumptuously 'SIRAT'.

Divinity gasped snatched the paper away, if her eyes could glow red with anger she would've done that . "Don't just pick up everything you see!" she hissed.

"Wait wait wait," Terrance said and putt his hands up. "That's a Jewish myth Sirat, well its not a myth it's real."

"Yes," Divinity said rolling her eyes. She looked down at the ground and said " I used to draw pictures of the devil in a business suit. Little did I know I was to become that devil, believe me or not. And then I wanted to draw a bridge from Heaven to Hell to let my dad pass through just in case if he didn't make it to the safe side. But if I lower that bridge then war will outbreak on both sides, good and evil. And evil are always more populated with trillions of people being tortured and burn for trillions of years. Sometimes I think God gives them a second chance because it's no God's will to see a man perish. Therefore, God must have given them a second chance."

Terrance grabbed Divinity's seventeen years old shoulders and shook them as he said, "Hell no you aint gonna lower that damn bridge I'm going to kick that mothafucka back up again." He said this as she shook her hard so vigorously looking into her eyes his penetrating pupils piercing her eyes.

"Get off of me!"she said and broke loose, "Besides it's only possible for me to lower the bridge only if I'm really want to with no doubt at all."

Okay well we trailed off a bit, we started off with Terrance getting on the alter to pray at the abandoned church. Divinity felt like the energy he was exuding was familiar and was actually unhealthy to be around. So she stepped back, that was the acrid energy of the girl that intimidated her in class. She was hot but something about her eyes, they were recumbent, soul less, empty. Divinity turned around to look at her and there she was, she looked straight forwards not even acknowledging her presence. After a moment, Divinity turned around from looking at her for a moment

Terrance began to shudder on the alter and he grabbed his head in pain, Divinity ran up to him and clasped his head. There was a trickle of rich red crimson blood coming trickling down from his nose. "I can't believe this," Terrance gasped.

"What!? What's going on?" Divinity yelled frantically.

"Her-her spirit is almost as old as God's," Terrance said in awe. He looked at Divinity and asked perplexed, "Who is she?"

"That's what I wanted you to find out, Terrance" Divinity said and threw her hands up, " But when I looked at her I felt this awkward warm contentment in my heart and then when I kept looking back for more it was this sick infusion in the air you were extracting. It was so potently awful like it was punishing me for asking more of her goodness. Then I felt this strong connection between her and I exuding an imperious compelling state of sensual and spiritual love. It was all too good to be true that I stood up and walked out the class as the teacher kept calling me back ."

"You Divinity," Terrance explained looking deep into her cartoon twinkly brown eyes, "You are potent in all different multifarious mysterious ways but you lack understanding of what you're capable of doing."