I hated him. He hated me. That's just how this relationship worked. Every time he saw me, he would make a rude remark and I'd snap back and then we'd disappear into the back to fuck it out. I thought this time wasn't going to be any different. I pushed myself away from him, sweat dripping down my brow. I looked to his face for the telltale signs of a sneer I knew was coming but his eyes were downcast. The only look on his face was that of frustration and disappointment. I narrowed my eyes.

"What's wrong? I'm getting too boring for you?" I sneered. His jaw tightened as he pulled his shirt back on.

"Is this what we've come to? Constant bickering and fighting just to fuck it out and leave and start it all over again?" He asked, keeping his eyes away from me. A spot behind my head seemed suddenly interesting to him.

"I thought that's all I ever was to you, a good screw when you needed one," I raised a brow. Suddenly his dark brown eyes were on mine and I felt the hurt coming off of him in waves.

"That's all I was to you. I'm in love with you and all you want is a good fuck, yeah?" I took a step back in shock.

"But all those times..."

He laughed bitterly, "You were caught up in the lust you barely realized I was falling in love with you." He pushed past me and out the door, leaving me to wallow in my thoughts.