I threw my head back, a moan slipping past my lips. He laughed against my skin breathlessly. His fingers dug into my hips as a punishment for the slipping of sound.

"Hush beautiful, anyone can hear you," he chuckled. I huffed and managed a glare at him in the darkness of the storage closet. We had been doing this for… five months now? Maybe longer? Time slipped from my mind when I was with him. It had started so simply. At a bar, a night together in the heat of the moment, woken up and gone our separate ways. And then the next day, this brilliant man stood in front of the conference room and looked me in the eye in front of this room full of other employees and smirked at me. That had started the meetings in the closets and sometimes at bars and clubs, but we couldn't be seen together. Favoritism and all.

"If you want me to be quiet, don't do… oh… that with your hand," I hissed, and he captured the breath from between my lips with a grin.

"Where's the fun in that?"

"You're a monster," I gasped. He dragged his nose along my jaw, humming in agreement.

"And you're my beauty. Mine," he emphasized the word with a quiet growl and dragged me closer.

"Yes," I agreed breathlessly. "Yes." And I knew after we were done, I could leave and watch him leave and he was mine and all those females that drooled after him could never have what I did. He was mine.