Do read Lucifer, God's beloved son before you read this to get a gist of what happened.


Lucifer nocked and drew his arrow. He released his arrow into the guts of a man. The man screamed in pain. Lucifer smiled. That was the reward he gave to his head satanist when he landed in hell. That was the reward he chose to give to all who followed him. Lucifer enjoyed torturing the damned and giving them all kinds of misery. This was unlike Jesus, the Son of God, who chose to die on the cross, for men. Jesus enjoyed giving the smallest of rewards to all people, who serve him.

Lucifer was about to release another arrow into his head satanist when Beelzebub flew towards him.

"What is it?" Lucifer asked as he released that arrow into the head Satanist.

"It is about Elijah Green, my lord. That man had converted the head Satanist of Praise Satan chapel to christianity." Beelzebub replied.

Lucifer was about to curse that man when he remembered his promise to turn over a new leaf. It was the daughter of that man, Elihua, who first convinced Lucifer that he should turn over a new leaf. Lucifer threw down his bow,

"Forget about Elijah Green." Lucifer said. "We promised to turn over a new leaf, remember?"

"As you wish, my lord," Beelzebub replied as he flew away.

Lucifer looked at the bow he threw to the ground. The temptation to release another arrow into the head satanist was strong. Lucifer loved to torment. Lucifer struggled. He thoughf of Elihua, he thought of his love for torture. Lucifer sighed as he picked up his bow. He had given in to his lust for torture.