Chapter One God and Lucifer

Lucifer wondered what he would say to God when he entered the throne room of God.

"Satan, you haven't been here for awhile," God said the moment Lucifer entered the throne room. Luvifer was startled. Have it been so long ago since he last petitioned for lost souls?

"I've been busy," Lucifer lied. He tried to avoid the contemplating looks in God's eyes.

"Lucifer, why had you come here?" God said, softly.

Lucifer was about to petition for souls when he paused to reflect on what God said. God just called him Lucifer and not Satan. Could God possibly have known of his intentions to repent?

"Lucifer, my son, why had you come here?" God repeated, softly.

There was no mistake! God knew! With tears in his eyes, Lucifer replied, "I had been away from home!"

"Then welcome home, my son!" God replied.

Lucifer laughed. It felt good to be reconciled with God. Lucifer sang a hymn for God that day. It was the first time in many thousands of years.