~The Vigil~

Once a girl, she'd discover love.
He'd sailed to her, as from above.
They'd both met on, this very shore.
As his ship failed, to return once more.

Along that beach, up on a drift wood tree.
Beauty sits to gaze across, a turbulent sea.
One tears shed, her heart does all the crying.
Empty tide rolls back in, the days slowly dying.

All night she would sit, hardly felt the coming cold.
Weary she remembers love, and craves him to hold.
Hear her prayer nightly made, "return my love again".
She could never end her watch, and abiding faith in him.

Noon as the sun peaks, that white beach, grows ever hot.
When a heavy breeze would blow it off, but she it could not.
And all around her dainty feet, the warm ocean waters swam.
As the waves went to and fro, erasing footprints from the sand.

Upon the girl's, dear loving dream, a black storm cloud had arose.
As dark as anyone's nightmares, flew this murderous flock of crows.
Patiently she'd await her true love, while yearning to learn of his fate.
Now wondering, will his ship ever return, or endure an everlasting wait.