The Beginning:

In a dark void, at the very beginning of time, God the father felt very lonely. This was understandable of course; it was in his nature to love and care for everyone and everything around him. So, he decided to create something; something that would hopefully love him in return. As God the father worked, many things happened at once.

In his workspace, God the father formed a round, bright ball that when tossed into the right place, hung in midair. After that, he created a 2nd ball and threw it into the air. This one was much smaller and more silver. These were, of course, the sun and the moon, but there were no humans just yet to name them. As the space grew more crowded and lighter, God the father was very pleased, but he still felt lonely. By nature, he was a parent who needed and wanted to care for something or someone. So, using his 2 lights that he first created, he formed the first Angels.

These angels were twins; although, they were polar opposites both in looks and personality. The angel made from the sunlight, was young and beautiful. His dark red hair fanned out over his shoulders like wings; giving his brown eyes a soft and gentle look to them. He was a little confused, but could feel the love radiating off of God the father as he took his time to look over his creations. Feeling a gentle hand on his dark red hair, the young angel heard a very deep voice say softly, "I name you Zack. You will be a protector, a caregiver, and one day, I will give you a special assignment to create something of your own."

The other angel, the twin brother, had white blonde hair that also fanned out like wings, but his blue eyes were hard, cold, and calculating. He also seemed angry that his twin brother was named before he was and because of his anger, his skin became more wrinkled and his cheekbones more pronounced. But to God the father, it didn't matter. God the father showed or tried to show just as much love and attention to the 2nd angel. But the one that was made from moonlight shuddered at God's touch and recoiled as though it burned him. "I name you Matthew," God said gently. "You are the twin brother to Zack and even though I feel your hatred for me, I still will love you as a parent should. I give you the gift of lightning, but be very careful as it is very dangerous. If you aren't careful, you will have dire consequences. Because you are choosing to hate me, your punishment is this. You will never be young until a successor conquers your wickedness. From the day I have created you, until a successor, human or angel, conquers your wickedness, you will forever be old and decrepit. People will want to befriend you, but you will rebuff them as you have rebuffed me, unless you change your ways."

But Zack, feeling true sorrow and compassion argued against this. "But, Heavenly Father, maybe it is only because you used moonlight to create him instead. After all, moonlight is smaller and colder."

God the father smiled compassionately at the young angel and answered gently. "I admire you, my child for your great compassion, but your brother needs to learn a lesson. As much as I want to, I cannot undo the punishment. Only his successor or someone like you can undo it."

The young angel bowed his head sadly as he asked, "who is the successor? And is there anything that I can do to lessen the punishment when the time comes?"

"Your brother's successor is a mortal man who is not yet born," God the father answered. "His own daughter will also have an affinity for lightning even though she will be mortal at first." Then as though he just remembered something, God the father took what looked like a packet of seeds out of his robe pocket and handed it to the young angel. "Keep these safe until the time is right," he told him. "You will know when and how to use them when the time comes."

Feeling thoroughly confused, but accepting what God told him, Zack did as he was asked. He kept the seeds with him at all times as he watched and waited for the right time to plant them and make his own creation. But before he left on his mission, God the father placed his hands on Zack's head one last time. "I give you my last gift. It is the gift of languages. You now have the ability to speak every language and understand every language in the entire world. Use it well and use it wisely."