Chapter 22:

A Secret Meeting

But before the two college students left the library, Alex told Natalie firsthand about the dream he had. This was because he thought she deserved to know first, as it involved her adopted brother. "I will tell the others about this as well," Alex said gently. "However, as it is about a member of your family, I thought I would tell you first."

Natalie smiled. "Go on," she said.

So, Alex went on to explain how at first he thought he was sleepwalking, but then it turned out to be a dream. "I was asleep, but at the same time, I was not," Alex said in a puzzled tone of voice. "I could see 2 beings battling, but it was not with weapons. It was only with words. However, as it was going on, I could feel cold and hot at the same time and for some unknown reason, I felt extremely connected to the place they were in, which is why we need to tell the others. But the reason I wanted to tell you first hand is because I truly believe that your adopted brother was here last night and I think he kicked the cold presence out for the time being but I am not entirely sure. We all need to check this out and see what is really going on because things have gotten way too weird for my own taste at this point."

Natalie was shocked, but she asked. "If my brother was here, how did he get here so fast? As I understand it, from upstate New York to northern Minnesota is like a 3 hour plane ride and an estimate of 10 hours of driving."

Alex picked up his backpack and slung it over his shoulder as he gestured for Natalie to follow him. "I think," Alex said slowly. "There are some things about your brother that nobody really knows about."

"Great," Natalie grumbled good-naturedly. "Just one more thing we have to research."

Alex smiled. "Well, not necessarily," he answered. "If you grew up Catholic like I have, I think you will figure it out for yourself."

Natalie did not comment, but as the 2 of them walked back to the dorm, she suddenly became pensive and quiet. What Alex had said about growing up Catholic made sense to her. It was true that she didn't know everything about her older brother; he also had secrets he kept from her, both for his and her safety. So, then, it was certainly possible that her own adopted brother was a supernatural being, but what kind, she could not say. That was something she still needed to think about. But as she and Alex got closer to the dorm, the old story in the book of Genesis suddenly came to her. It was the story of how Lucifer was the only angel to have pride. She also remembered Hannah reading about how because Lucifer had this pride, Michael the Archangel kicked him out of heaven and he was forever known as Satan or the evil one. As Natalie thought about that old story, she started to realize that although the Bible had changed their names, she knew exactly whom the Bible was talking about. She also realized that her adopted brother was here last night as well because God himself showed him how to get here and prevent Matthew from harming anyone else.

"I understand exactly what you just said, and I believe you," Natalie said quietly. "What you said made me remember an old story in the book of Genesis. However, the Bible changed my brother and his brother's name in order to protect them. I also know because I couldn't sleep either last night and I was watching the thunderstorm. As much as I don't like Matthew, I do, for some odd reason, love watching thunderstorms, which is something I still don't understand."

At those words, Alex blanched. He didn't know why, but Natalie's fascination with thunderstorms and lightning in general made him remember something. But, instead of speaking, Alex suddenly grabbed Natalie's hand and literally ran with her to Redmond Hall and into the lounge where everyone was gathered, getting ready to play a game of cards.

Kayla, Andrea and Tonya looked shocked at just how white Alex's face really was, as though he had seen a ghost. "What the HE double hockey sticks happened to you?" Tonya demanded in a concerned, yet mock scolding tone.

"Natalie and I have something to tell you, Alex answered. "You may want to stay seated for this one. Also, make sure no one else can hear us. I don't want people getting the wrong idea."

Fortunately, Kayla caught on to what Alex was getting at and motioned for the rest of the group to follow her. "Let's go to my room," she said. "I don't think anyone else will hear us there."

As one, the 6 friends left the lounge and headed to the 5th floor and entered the room of the RA. As soon as Kayla shut the door, both Natalie and Alex began telling their story. They explained they didn't sleep much the night before because the thunderstorm was so strong it felt unnatural. Natalie explained how lightning has always fascinated her and the storm last night made her remember that she has always been fascinated with it. "I've had this fascination ever since I was a little girl," Natalie said. "It is like a part of me and I can't help but wake up and watch the storm. It's almost as if I have to, but I have no idea why. I think my obsession with lightning has to do with events that happened last night. You see, for those of you who could feel it, apparently my older brother and Alex's old science teacher Matthew Lane were here last night. Alex could feel their presence and I could too. The reason we are telling you this is because Alex and I believe that there has been some supernatural activity around the old part of the dorm and we should all go check it out for ourselves before anyone else gets hurt. "

After Alex and Natalie told their story, Kayla was silent; letting the information sink in. Being Catholic herself, Kayla understood how supernatural events worked, especially the ones about the Blessed Mother, and she knew the story of St. Michael and Lucifer, though not in the way Natalie and Alex were explaining it.