The Sun-Light on her Hair

Do you believe in lost Lenores,

Princesses lointaines, fairy stories?

He met her in the summer,

On the river bank where violets blow,

Under golden summer skies—

Or at least, always golden in his dreams

She laughed to see the rabbits bouncing,

Across the rolling fields,

She laughed a child's delighted laugh,

And he knew he loved her then,

With all a child's devoted love,

But looking out across the water,

Her eyes dancing like the stars,

She never knew

Another golden evening,

Some ten years had gone by,

And Anna Mae in her white dress,

Roses in her hair,

Laughed for joy as she danced by the river,

The beauty of the village,

The sweetly blushing bride,

Her mother cried,

Her father's eyes were damp,

And beside her in the twilight,

He could only look and smile,

And hate himself for the agony,

As his heart was torn from his ribs and ground to dust

The gossip grew as the years went by—

When would he marry, do you think?

Had he a sweetheart?

Such a fine young man,

Such a shame for him to go waste,

But he would love her till he died,

Swore they would never know,

And the girls who smiled at him in the lane,

Smiled in vain

Years later, by the river,

As his old eyes grew dim,

Did he see as he lay dying,

On last time the clear blue eyes,

Of his beloved Anna Mae?