Down The Rabbit Hole

We were three spoiled and well off yet naïve thirteen year olds from the well-established upper middle class Hilltop section of Hillsboro.

Shavaun and Jenny let me hang out with them because we were neighborhood friends with familiar backgrounds and similar family social status. Those two went to St. Anne's Catholic School while I was a public school kid (not that there's anything wrong with that!).

It was the summer leading into our Freshman year. The girls were continuing at St. Anne's but I was off to board at The Sun Rise Lake School for Boys Prep School so we knew the times they were a'changin'.

Sometimes we liked to get off the hill and take on our own little adventures. Walking along the gully or Blue River allowed us to be alone to talk about anything we wanted awaye from some of the other kids and activities.

We knew the area well enough to know the out of the way secret hide-a-ways - we had little forts when we were younger but now we mostly talked in private about stupid stuff, swearing each other to double dare confidentiality on the threat of death if we ever told anybody else about what was said among ourselves.

We liked the 'rabbit hole' - it was deep in the woods, with a tributary of the Blue River running through it making a somewhat deep pool of water with some flat rocks around it. We hadn't swam there in a while but it was fun to lay on the rocks and talk about our dreams, hopes, fantasies, crushes, family secrets and other soul searching topics that we'd never tell anybody else.

You had to know the secret path to get to the Rabbit Hole and we considered it our own private place even though generations of kids had come there before us.

Jenny was talking about maybe getting a tattoo without telling her parents and we were debating on where she could get it in order not to be found out.

"Well, your ass obviously," I said. "Your parents won't look there."

"You could get a little rose on your heel or ankle or somewhere as long as you don't go barefoot in front of them," Shavaun said.

"Or on your tit," I suggested.

"Or right above my pubs," Jenny laughed.

"What's the point of getting a tattoo if nobody can see it?" I wondered.

"Why would you want to get a tattoo in the first place?" Shavaun asked. "You're prettier without one."

And that brief conversation pretty much summed up the three of us in seven lines. Jenny the daring one, Shavaun the practical one, me the perverted one (talking about tits and ass).

Shavaun was right – Jenny was pretty – but so wasn't Shavaun, although she wasn't stuck up about it. Even as thirteen year olds, those two were strikingly beautiful girls – Jenny with her long black hair and round face, Shavaun with her auburn hair that shined like a wheat field. I was lucky enough to be their friend.

"It would be risky business for you to try getting one," Shavaun warned about the tattoo idea

"But that's the dare," Jenny laughed.

"Jeez, Jenny," Shavaun said. "How come you're never satisfied with what you have?"

Jenny didn't get a chance to answer because it was at that moment, just as we reached the Rabbit Hole, that we heard laughter and yelling.

"Who the hell is in our spot?" Jenny frowned.

The Rabbit Hole was hidden by trees and brush which was one reason why most people didn't even know it existed. We were affronted that somebody had violated our sanctuary and we stuck our heads through the brush to see what was going on and that's when we saw the naked college coeds prancing about like heavenly fairies. There were seven of them – three girls and four guys as naked as jaybirds.

"Holy Shit!" Jenny stage whispered as she and I gawked at the naked intruders.

"Oh my!" a red faced Shavaun muttered, turning away.

I had never seen people that old naked in real life before. My experiences were limited to my siblings and the middle school boys' locker room – but there, right in front of us, were seven naked people who looked to be around twenty years old.

"Wow, look at the cocks," Jenny whispered.

"And the bushes," I marveled.

"Don't say 'cock'," Shavaun frowned, still not looking in the direction of the nude swimmers.

"What do you want me to call them?" Jenny giggled. "Penises?"

"Dicks?" I ventured.

"Things," Shavaun announced. "They're called things."

"No they're not," Jenny laughed.

"Well, that's better than penis," Shavaun insisted. "It's probably better to call it nothing at all."

Jenny was distracted, watching the naked guys with their penises/cocks/things/dicks/nothings swinging back and forth in our full view.

"Doesn't that get in your way?" Jenny asked me.

"What?" Shavaun asked with confusion.

"You see what!" Jenny exclaimed. "Look at how they hang down."

Shavaun finally dared to slowly look toward the rabbit hole to see what me and Jenny were staring at – me at the girls of course. I didn't care about the guys.

"You get used to it after a while," I said, finally answering Jenny's question.

"Yeah, as if you're as big as those guys," Jenny giggled, rolling her eyes.

We watched in silence as the naked guys stood on the flat rocks – one of them cannon balling a couple of the girls who were in the water. They periodically rotated from the water to the rocks and back again.

"We should leave," the still red faced Shavaun said, although I noticed she couldn't take her eyes off of what we were seeing.

"We have every right to be here," Jenny countered. "It's our Rabbit Hole."

I realized that my heart was pounding and that I was beginning to feel excited in other places too

"How long are you going to watch the show?" Shavaun asked with disapproval. "What would happen if they caught us being perverts?"

"Shavaun," Jenny sighed with annoyance. "How many times do we get to see naked guys?"

"It doesn't feel like something we should be doing," Shavaun pouted.

"It is by accident," I reasoned as I continued to watch.

"How long can you stare at their nothings?" Shavaun wanted to know. "You're being Peeping Toms."

"Oh, wow, look at that!" Jenny said with excitement.

"What?" Shavaun asked dumbly as the three of us stared through the brush at the Rabbit Hole visitors.

"That guy with the blonde hair!" Jenny exclaimed. "His cock got all stiff." She burst out in short quiet giggles. "It's practically pointing straight up."

"Maybe he saw you," I teased.

"So that's what an erection looks like," Jenny said with fascination.

"It looks like a cucumber," Shavaun whispered.

"It looks perfect," Jenny said in awe.

"We're not supposed to be having impure thoughts," Shavaun warned.

"We're just looking," I remarked.

"Yeah, and how would you feel if those girls were just looking at you like that?" Shavaun wanted to know.

"He wouldn't mind," Jenny giggled.

"And what if those guys were ogling you naked, Jenny?" Shavaun demanded.

"You're not being much fun, Shavaun," Jenny groaned. "Stop being a prude for once in your life."

Shavaun got all defensive and put out. "I'm not a prude," she frowned.

"Shh," I warned. "They could hear us."

But they were making too much noise splashing and yelling and we weren't in any danger of being found out.

After a while, all seven left the water and the group was standing on one of the larger rocks chatting as if they were in the middle of a mall instead of totally naked in the middle of nowhere.

Eventually, they made their way into the brush on the other side of the ravine and disappeared from our view.

"Can we leave now?" Shavaun asked impatiently. "Can you imagine what our mothers would say if they knew what we were doing?"

"We should do what they just did," Jenny said with a giggle.

"Yeah, right," I said, rolling my eyes.

"Why not?" Jenny challenged. "It looks fun."

"I'm not about to be compared to those well-endowed older guys you just saw," I said sheepishly.

"I'm competing with those chicks you just saw," Jenny countered. "What's the big deal?"

"Stop being foolish," Shavaun said with annoyance. "Let's just go."

"I want to skinny dip," Jenny insisted. "It can be our farewell summer hello high school private party."

"You're nuts," Shavaun announced.

"Sure am," Jenny agreed with a laugh. "Let's break some rules!"

Jenny started walking down the embankment to the Rabbit Hole while Shavaun and I exchanged shocked and scared looks.