Created by SailorJane and Glee-chan


The Solar Birds:

Thunderbird (Belinda) The Shy One, with the powers of electricity

Firebird (Phoebe), The Comic Relief, with the powers of fire

and Waterbird (Sonia) The Brains of the Team, with the powers of Ice and Water

Originally thought to have been a curse forcing them to cover themselves with gloves and layers of clothes (Belinda especially), The Solar Birds now know they are destined to use their powers for good. They have tirelessly worked to save the city of San Jose from the forces of evil: The Lizardman Hectos and his cronies attacking Belinda's school; A mysterious masked figure from Phoebe's past; And previously the giant Creature of Lake Cunningham.

It took Thunderbird not only overcoming her fears, but being possessed by two unknown angelic figures, Falcon and Crow, to defeat the Creature; not through the power of brawn or attack, but of the mind to influence the creature to peacefully return to the Earth from where it came.

The adventures continue as the brainiac Sonia works night and day with her mentor, Dennis Knight, to discover more about these supernatural disturbances, while Belinda and Phoebe return to school with their classmates. Can they still live normal teenage lives as super heroes?


Chapter 1

Glass shattered all around her as she was flung back first into a clothing outlet display window. She rolled over on top of a pair of mannequins, moaning from the impact of that action, then stumbled to her feet. No sooner had she done so, when a blue streak tackled her, and the pair of them returned to the mannequin couple.

"Waterbird!" The golden haired girl exclaimed. On top of her was the 'blue-streak' in question.

"Be a little more tactful about leaving yourself open, Thunderbird," Her friend reminded her softly.

"Sorry!" Thunderbird nodded her head and tightened up the sleeves of her gloves.

The two of them stood back up and refocused on the the matter at hand. The Solar Birds were facing another strange beast that was terrorizing the city. This time they were in the shopping district, trying to save fleeing shoppers from what looked like a Lizard / Armadillo hybrid. While it certainly wasn't as terrifying as the giant monster they had faced at the lake, because of the layered hard shell on it's back, their attacks seemed just as ineffective. This thing could also curl itself into a ball and chase after innocent civilians. While Waterbird had saved Thunderbird's head from being a red smear on the ground, Firebird, the third member of their trio, had been flying overhead by igniting her gloved fists and boots with fire like jets. This got the creature's attention who's ugly neck craned up to stare at her.

"Gross!" Firebird landed outside of the shattered display case. "This thing is drooling puss!" She looked to Sonia and screamed in a comical tone, "Puss!"

"Focus Firebird," Sonia jumped out the the display case and joined her fiery friend.

She looked to Thunderbird, "Anyone got any mouthwash or… hydrogen-peroxcide?"

Chuckling at Firebird's quip, Thunderbird had to agree with Firebird's assessment. Unfortunately being grossed out wasn't going to defeat the creature. They needed to think of something. Taking a moment, she looked around their environment, trying to see if there was anything they could use that would work against the beast. So far nothing came to mind. Now the creature was spinning around preparing another attack. It was slow, but powerful.

After rolling away from a particular nasty looking tail swipe, Waterbird spoke up as she fidgeted around in her utility belt: "Perhaps now's a good opportunity to test one of my halothane vapor sedation bombs."

"Which one is that again?" Firebird wanted to clarify.

"Sleeping powder," Waterbird answered smoothly, pulling it out.

"It's worth a try." Thunderbird commented. Nothing else seemed to be working, and they couldn't keep running away from it all day. Besides, they didn't have time. Tomorrow she and Phoebe had a Biology test the first thing in the morning!

"Stand clear!" Waterbird warned her crew.

Both Firebird and Thunderbird leap to a safe distance as Waterbird flung her baseball-shaped bomb towards the enemy. Sure enough, a cloud of powder engulfed it's head. They waited, hoping that this would work. The creature blinked a few times, inhaling the powder. Firebird landed in it's direct line-of-sight, confident this would work. However, the worst thing in the world just had to happen:

It sneezed.

"EEEAAAGGGHHH!" Firebird screamed as hot slimy mucus splattered all over her body.

Thunderbird and Waterbird weren't immune from the disgusting goo that was now sliding down their legs, but Firebird had been standing directly in front of the creature, so got the brunt of it. Looking at Waterbird, the two of them exchanged worried expressions, knowing what was going to happen next.

"YUCK! DO I LOOK LIKE A KLEENEX TO YOU?!" Firebird lost it.

Her fire-based powers were full on now. Within moments the shop felt like a furnace. Over and over she pelted the armadillo thing with increasing hotter fireballs, only for his protective shell to block most of the damage.

"Firebird, stop! That's not working!" Thunderbird yelled, to no avail.

"It's just a mucus membrane discharge." Waterbird stated, her remarks not calming Phoebe down in the slightest. She looked around to see if there were people around, "At least we're alone."

Phoebe shot a fireball out of her gloved fist, then her other. She jumped in the air and did one of her spin kicks, hoping this would provide enough force to pelt the beast's armor.

"Phoebe, calm down!" Thunderbird tried again, breaking the etiquette of using their superhero names in public.

Sonia would have corrected her for that, but they were alone and there was a bigger issue developing: "If you continue, you may end up triggering-"

Too late. Before Waterbird could finish her sentence the sprinklers finally activated. Within seconds the three of them were rained on by a deluge of water. It did seem to distract the enemy who was turning around trying to discover the source of the odd water-ritual. It also washed the snot off Firebird, enough so that she finally calmed down. Even still, they were back to where they started. How where they going to defeat this seemingly invincible beast?

"Can you do something about the water-works?" Firebird whine to Waterbird.

The blue-costumed Solar Bird was about to freeze the pipes, but she hesitated, eyeing the pool of water filling the floor like a small lake. The enemy was still distracted, trying in vain to claw up towards these high-positioned sprinklers. It obviously wasn't too bright.

"Thunderbird," She looked to her blonde soldier, "There's water under the beast. If you generate electricity, it should start a chain reaction that will make contact with it's soft side."

"He has a soft side?" Firebird raised an eyebrow.

"Do it after I freeze the pipes and the water stops running," Waterbird explained.

"I got it." Thunderbird told them, "I don't know how much electricity I'll have to use. Get off the ground."

There wouldn't have been much of a danger as their powers couldn't hurt each other, and even then, their boots blocked electricity. Still, her fellow soldiers decided safe was better than sorry. Waterbird waved her gloved hand, freezing the pipes. The water stopped. Firebird jet-propelled herself in the air while the elder soldier rose herself on a platform of ice, got closer to the ceiling, then jumped and grabbed a frozen sprinkler.

Now that the creature wasn't getting blasted by sprinklers. It turned back towards Belinda and growled. Worst of all, it was back to drooling that stinky puss again. However, it was still standing on a large pool of water.

"Give Gamera a shock!" The fire-girl ordered.

"I hope this works!" Thunderbird said as electricity was already escaping through her gloves. Dropping to her knees, she pressed her gloved hands into the water and let loose. She felt the electricity serge all around her, but given this was her element, it only felt like a slight tickle to her. The creature, on the other hand, froze in place and shook violently where it was planted. Strange that she would be attacking another monster through a pool of water.

"I think it's working." Thunderbird called out to them.

"Keep it going!" Firebird yelled, then coughed. "Gagh! It smells like burnt rubber! Still smells better than Cali's dog-chow-"

She was inclined to agree, but out of nowhere, the beast let out an ear sickening screech that caused Thunderbird to pause. Once the current was off, it moaned and writhed where it was at, clearly in pain. Despite how ugly and gross it was, seeing an animal in distress was hard to watch. Thunderbird couldn't go on so she stopped.

"I think he's had enough," Thunderbird said aloud.

There was a sigh from Waterbird, and Thunderbird knew what she was going to say. Ever since the incident at the lake, they've all been telling her that she needed to be more proactive during battles and less hesitant to use her powers. Whenever there were people around, it was a problem. She didn't want to risk the chance of hurting someone like she had before. Now, it seemed, she was even clamping up on these Hell-beasts. However, the creature was starting to recover and growl again.

"Belinda," Firebird said, "You have to bring him down. You're the only one who can do this."

Where were those two etherial figures to help her figure out another solution? More and more it was looking like a one-shot deal or some sort of strange dream Thunderbird had. No time to think about it now. There was still nothing but malice in this enemy's eyes as it stumbled towards her. Thunderbird closed her eyes in regret and knelt down again.

"I'm sorry."

The lights strobed as electricity was once again sparking in the water. Again the creature was being shocked, and again it shook and screamed. Thunderbird kept her eyes closed and just continued to let her power flow in the water. The smell was awful. The screams even worse. It must have taken a good solid minutes for it to finally drop to the ground in full defeat.

"Yeah!" Firebird dropped back down the ground, "Looks like you took the spark outta his step." She giggled.

Waterbird dropped to the ground eyeing the beaten beast, "You're off your game today Phoebe, what's wrong?"

"Hey, why don't you try coming up with new puns? It's not that easy. Not everything's going to be a jewel."

Breathing heavy, Thunderbird listened to her teammates as she stood back up, stepped backward, then stumbled and fell on her bottom before the immobilized creature, splashing cold water as she did so. It was out cold, still breathing labored breaths. Waterbird was able to move closer to the creature without fear of being attacked. She pulled out her SNE scanner and activated the communicator from her jewel choker:

"Dennis," She grabbed her mentor's attention, "I'm transmitting a full SNE scan of the specimen."

"Proceed," Dennis' voice came on, "And make it quick, Captain Connor's force is not far away."

"Late as usual," Firebird said and kicked the sleeping armadillo lightly, "Thank goodness we don't have to rely on Connor to save our butts every week."

She might have expected her companions to react to that statement, but Thunderbird was still kneeling down:

"I'm so weak. I shouldn't have hesitated like that."

Firebird walked over and pulled her team-mate up, without saying anything. She just hugged her.

The footsteps of the police was sounding closer.

"Transmission completed," Said Dennis through the communicator.

"Let's move," Waterbird said.

They turned to leave out the back exit when all of a sudden, the sleeping beast gave another mighty sneeze and a cough. Like before, his snot flew all over them, but this time around that thick nutty puss that Firebird was complaining about was sent on top of them as well. Waterbird and Thunderbird were ahead of Firebird, so didn't get as much gunk covering them as the fire-girl did, and that was unfortunate. They both knew what was coming up next.


Firebird ignited her fists and blew right out of the roof. Thunderbird and Waterbird looked up at the hole in the ceiling and then back at each other.

"Well," Thunderbird said, "At least she made an easy exit for us."

Waterbird held her hand, "Let's just get out of here."

With their powers fused together by their gloved hands, Thunderbird jumped clear out of the building, through the hole in the roof, bringing Waterbird with her.

Authors Note:

The Solar Birds is an ongoing series created by Sailor Jane. I'm just a guest writer. You can read the first four stories on her FictionPress page. I tried to structure this story so that very little back-story was necessary to enjoy it, but this is part V. If you want the full experience, you need to check out the other stories.
The concept of these stories is that of a Saturday Morning cartoon, similar to 90's X-Men and Sailor Moon. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, and you like what you've read so far, please continue reading this and/or check out the other stories in the series.
Thank you.