This is a letter from me to you
One I know you won't receive
It will stay for my eyes only
And my hands it shall not leave

This is a letter from me to you, my dear
Of the things you shall never know
Of the feelings I hold close to my heart
To be buried with me when I go

This is a letter of hearts and heartbreak
And a tale of hidden love
For the galaxies within your eyes
Each star that I've dreamed of

This is a letter of admiration
For the beauty in your soul
For the mind weaving words of truth and love
And the heart I wish I could hold

This is a letter of adoration
For a body of beauty and grace
For an angel that fell from the heavens
And the smile bestowed upon their face

This is a letter to plead with you
That should my feelings ever be found
You don't scorn, don't snub, don't shun me
You just remember those feelings are sound

This letter must come to a close now
This tale of unrequited love
But know, in my dreams, when I dream of the one
You're the one that I'm dreaming of

(with love, my heart)