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Chapter 16: Library of Bullets.


THE MEETING WAS BORING AS fuck! Jesus Christ, put a baby in those things, they'll fall asleep more easily than liquor! I'm just glad I was out that bitch. Less talky, more shooting, that was my philosophy, shit. Theodore was just talking his ass out boring the shit out of us.

It's not like the kla is some sort of sophisticated team of elite soldiers and shit. They're fucking farmers who went to school for fucking each other's sisters and brothers in the back of a barn somewhere at night. Emily was leading us through the hallway as Dianne, despite finding her Zeta self, was still hesitant. She was practically ruthless back then, I was sort of curious at what changed though. Very curious about that, well at least she was not the jackass I fought in the woods, that's for sure.

Abraham was looking serious as hell, as usual, though he kinda felt some sort of trepidation, though. Not sure why. Oh well, not my problem.

We were being escorted by the Sky-Titan military led by Roosevelt here. Jacob looked disinterested, as if he was looking for something to happen. He was a bitter old bitch who was still mad that he lost to a woman with far more superior strength—all in one hit. If he were a clown, he would have made the crowd laugh with joy.

Emily led us to her weapons lab down at the Library. Dianne didn't look too surprised.

"Are we getting weapons?" Dianne asked.

"Weapons?" Emily said, pulling the lever. The door opened and the lights flashed on, exposing her laboratory. "Upgrades." she said with sinister smile.

"Pretty, beautiful, wrathful and intelligent. You are a package are you?" Jacob asked.

"Shut it, stupid boy," Emily said.

Her lab was neater than her other labs combined. Nothing was dusty or out of place. It was nice and clean. Polished to a tee. The floors looked waxed and the items in the shelves looked far more...advanced.

"Welcome to Emily's Main Lab. Where me make the finest tech for the Acorn," she said.

"I'm not surprised that you built all of this," Dianne said with little to no shock in her voice. Probably after being exposed to everything around here, she just accepted it. That was not fun at all. Kinda missed the timid curiosity. Her innocence made it all adorable. Heh, looks like she has become one of us after all.

"Upgrades, huh?" Abraham asked. "Anything you made to help us battle the Klan?"

"Of course, Englishman! Get a gun, a bullet, and some glasses and there you go. You got a Klan Killer, but if combined with Stupid Boy's Badge of Zeta," Emily took Jacob's Badge from my hands, and grabbed a mechanical, golden gauntlet from the nearby shelf. The golden gauntlet she grabbed was fairly clunky. It had two light holes and a slot for the Badge. "...and me Devistatrix…"

"Devistatrix?" Jacob furrowed.

"Stupid boy, you want kids?" she asked.


Emily slides his Badge into the dial holster. Emily clenched her fist, forcing the Glove to flare up in white light with a soft hum and crackling stream of electricity flowing around the copper cables. "Want me to baby-shit?"

"As much as I would love to see this guy get his ass kicked as much as the next guy," Theodore glared at Jacob, "do you have anything for the Sky-Titans to use defensively against the Klan?"

"You're looking at it," Emily took out Jacob's badge and tosse dit back to me and handed it to Dianne. She was rather bewildered and frozen at the thought of having such technology in her hands.

"You're giving this to me?" Dianne asked.

"What does it do?" I asked.

"The Devistatrix is an endepressor!" she said.

"Endepressor? that even a word?" Abraham asked.

"Cry more, Englishman," she mocked, turning her gaze back to the gauntlet. "The Devistatrix can enhance the user's powers and suppress their feral urges—such as dependency on eating human flesh for fuel."

"You weakened the weak, nice," Jaco, the bitch ass werewolf, said. I mean, i am sorry, but this guy was obnoxious as fuck! Far more than me! Like I swear to God, if he were a Klan member, I would enjoy beating him—and I will not know when I'll stop! However, Dianne gave him a death glare. Apparently, if insulting me wasn't enough, to be honest, I really do not care, insulting Dianne to her face—normally, I would threaten to rip the toungues to whomever insulted her, but then I remember, she has the power to rip a niggas' arm off and pierce it through their chest like a sharpeend blade.

The day she kills him would be the day I celebrate in absolute joy. Fuck this guy 9 ways to Sunday at the gates of Hell.

"So I will have access to all of my powers without whiskey?" Dianne said her eyes, not leaving Jacob's smugness.

"Yep, but it does have some weaknesses though—because of course it does," Emily told.

"Shit," Dianne whispered.

"If I.E.R reads critical, the gauntlet will cease functioning and the user will be going full on savage mode. All of humanity they once had, splat and gone for!"

"IER?" I asked.

"Intense Emotional Response, Pappy," Abraham said. "All Badges are fueled by the souls of the user. If the affinity becomes too great, the souls of the Badge will take over and they will become the monster their Badges are assigned to."

"And yet you gave this device to her instead of me?" Jacob said before he was punched in the stomach by an enraged Emily.

"Boy, me always wanted to do that," Emily said.

"Why didn't you, doll?"

Emily knocked him out with a swift kick in the kick. "His head did not fly."

"I would have helped," I said. "What do you have for me, Emily?"

"Simple problems require supernaturally advanced solutions," she said, reaching to the shelf. She pulled out two guns from the shelf. The guns resembled closely to that of 18th century pirates but with a few improvements—at least to me. The pistols were short and fat, 6 barrel handguns; the handle was nice and smooth, and had that sleek, wooden frame curved like a large, thick tooth. A small telescope was nailed on top of the barrel.

"This is FSU-EB Killer Gen 1. One shot. Five Corpses," she said, she pulled out six large, rainbow bullets from her pockets. "Old bullets? Boring! These bullets? God's milk."

""What does the FSU and EB stand for?" Dianne asked.

"Fuck shit up and Elephant-Bear," Abraham answered.

"That is fucking awesome. What's the amount of damage that thing can inflict against a Delta user?"

"Yes," Emily winked.

"Total damage?"

"What's damage? Me only see red paint on wall and organs as oxygen waste," she said.

I awed, "Gimme."

"Anything for me?" Abraham asked.

"Hold on, me got you," Emily told him.

"I don't need any improvements," Roosevelt said. "I am comfortable with my Bull Moose Fists, thank you very much."

"Me added spikes and cannon blasts."

"I needed those improvements so much. Where are they?" Roosevelt asked with his hands behind his back, looking posh like an established politician. You know, kinda establishment like (fuck the establishment), I forced my self not to laugh at that 360 response. He sounded so humble at first, but when Emily mentioned that she improved on his weapons, all of a sudden, he flipped.

She gave him his mechanical gauntlets. He slips it on and activates the spikes shooting out of the knuckles of the device.

"Fuck yeah—I mean...excellent work Elizabeth," he said.

"Don't mention it," Emily scowled.

Roosevelt turned to us, "Alright Sky-Titans: Battle Stations!"

At the Hangar, we saw a whole army of Sky-Titan army men training for the war ahead. The doors behind us opened with a loud whir! Roosevelt led across this metal bridge over the vast ocean of Badge users training for war as a vast swath of bullet-shaped-flying machine stared right out of the open port.

"You understand that the Iron Claw is a vicious gang of Zeta users. They will not show any mercy, but you must not show that you are a danger to any of them," he said.

"And what is to say that they won't think that you all kidnapped me?" Jacob asked.

"Will you do a world a gigantic favor and stop acting a complete bitch?" I asked in my typical guy tone in my voice, trying really hard not to punch this guy in this mouth. Seriously, this guy was so grating that it makes a choir of cats scratching on a chalkboard look more like Mozart. I wasn't trying to be funny, I was dead fucking serious? I mean, would you stand for someone this grating on the ears?

No. No would not. In fact, he was so annoying that God would personally give Pontius Pilate a holy butcher knife to stab this pretty boy motherfucker in between the nose like a dirty, lowly city bum, who smells like shit, wearing his long-ass, wizard like beard forcing his dick inside of a wealthy, horny as fuck barmaid out west. It would be the only time he would excuse "Thou Shalt Not Kill—unless you're Jacob, then fuck you." .

Jacob was just looking at me with that smug look of his face. He was so lucky that he is under protective custody—whatever the fuck that means. Fuck this guy nine ways to Sunday flying in the corpse of a donosaur over the ocean of Leprachaun piss. Fuck this pretty boy looking motherfucker. Okay rant over.

"Got a lot of fire in you?" Jacob asked. I was about to pull out my gun and fire on this little boy until Dianne grabbed his shoulder.

"Unless you want to face me again, you keep your mouth shut," she said.

"Unless you…"

Dianne held her fist with the gauntlet clasped on and powered up immediately, shockling Jacob. "You're looking for a fight, woman?"

"No, just a beatdown. This gauntlet had increased my power to the point of me losing control. You're a Zeta right?"

"What of it?"

"Do you know your level of strength? I know mine, I'm so strong I rip your intestines out, wrap it around your neck and rip your head out. I could uproot a tree with a single kick, and scream so loud it cleared forests. Just imagine the amount of power I have if unleashed on you with little effort? Fuck with him, you fuck with me," she said with a low, venomous tone in her voice, getting up to his face.

We all stared at Dianne threatening to wipe out Jacob if need be. " You gonna let her talk to me like this, Pappy? This woman you have here?"

"Yep, and you fuck with her, I'll kill ya," I winked.


"You incited a fight, Dianne just finished it, let's go then," Roosevelt said.

Jacob mumbled after Dianne retracted her arm. Her gauntlet powered down as she took a deep breath. Emily snickered and I shared a hearty laugh. Abraham didn't really say anything. He just kept quiet, well up until he added some snark.

"You can't always hide behind Dianne," Abraham said.

"Who says I'm hiding? She's the one defending me before I react," he said.

"Gentlemen," Roosevelt called. "Eyes on the prize and the bullet on the target." we followed the man down the steps towards a giant bullet with mechanical butterfly wings fluttered up.

When we reached the ground level, we saw Angelica, heavily bandaged, in a wheelchair meeting us at the ship. Dianne looked horrified at her wounds. She looked more like hell.

"Hello there, Titans," she said.

"Whoa, you look like shit!" Pappy yelled, "What the hell happened?"

"They let you out of the infirmary?"

"I let myself out," Angelica said. "Abayomi has taken Virginia from my grasp."

"And Leo?" Roosevelt asked.

"Killed," she said. "We are running out of time. Joseph is closer than ever to his target and his accomplice, Abayomi will help him achieve it."

"We are well aware of that…"

"Except for one flaw," Angelica said. "You calculated that you may have as little as 7 days to catch up with them, the current model of this ship won't get you there in time—it needs alternative methods of power."

"Like what?" Jacob asked.

"Zeta Energy. Zeta Energy may not be the strongest out of all of the 24, but it is enough…"

"Have Angelica hijack me ships?" Emily intercepted. "Zeta Energy alone…"

"Is enough to power this thing up and increase velocity by 200%. Would you want me put in a steam engine in this heap of junk again?"

"You suck," Emily pouted. Angelica pulled a small handle, sliding a small door open revealing fuel slots inside.

"The user of the Badge is the sole pilot of the ship. It could drain the life force of the wearer and could revert said user to a primal state.

"Primal State?"

"It's a state where the user becomes...feral," Dianne answered.

"I'll do it," both Dianne and Jacob said in unison. Dianne gave this man a scowling look.

"Look, I'm more powerful than you. Okay? Let me…"

I was literally was about to go ahead and fuck him up, but then, Dianne shook her hands, her breathing, erratic. She took a deep breath and turned to Jacob.

"Jacob was it? Do you seem me as some sort of Luna or some other bitch you managed to fuck around like they are nothing more than just beer bottles in a bar out west in the middle of a California desert? Have...or would you have dreams of me just fucking the shit out of you in that pathetic little piece of cat shit, you call a brain? Is that it? You cannot measure up to me, kid. I can literally fuck you up right now, but not in the manner in which you wish. Listen kid, there are things I've done in the past that I regret. Things I've done I was happy to do—that I was proud of doing. The amount of lives I've eaten is swimming inside my Badge. The amount of souls I have is more than the seaman you spill from your penis. Fuck around with me, boy, you'll be swimming around with them with only your head. You either participate with us, or you will be meeting Satan raping that fuck-shit Andrew Johnson in the ass in the back of a bar while drinking rum. I don't like you, I don't want you; you either do what we say and earn what little freedom you have, or I'll rip you apart. Your answer, shug?"

Jacob didn't say anything, like a little bitch, and as a reward for shutting up, Dianne gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Good boy," she said as she marched towards the ship, removed her Badge from the Gauntlet she had on and slapped the Badge into the Engine.

The Plane roared; Dianne's eyes glowed silver.

"It's Go time!" she said flying up to the machine.

I, as well as everyone else, stood in shock. "What are you guys waiting for? We got a world to save!"

It took me a minute, but holy fucking shit. Dianne just went from an 8 to a 10. "Well, you heard the woman! Go time!"

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