I carefully closed the door of Bree's bedroom after putting my son to bed. "Thank God he's asleep now," I said. "The cough he has is pretty nasty. Hopefully, he'll get a good night's rest."

I looked across at Bree who was lying on the sofa bed in the living room. "Thanks for all your help," I told her gratefully. "Honestly, I wouldn't have done this without you and Chelsea's support."

The brown-eyed girl with the short spiky hair looked back at me and smiled. "No worries Tish, we love having you and Liam in the house." She paused then added a little shyly. "Life's been a lot more interesting and fun with you both around."

I laughed and walked over to where she was and collapsed on the sofa bed beside her. "That's 'coz you have nothing better to do here at home especially when Chelsea's at work."

She nodded her head. "I'm my sister's official housekeeper," she declared solemnly.

I laughed again. "But you know what Bree," I said tilting my head to look up at her face. "You're the better cook and organizer."

She met my eyes. "Is that a compliment?"

I nodded promptly. "Yup, I love the food you cook most especially." Rubbing my stomach to make motions of a satisfied person who just finished eating, I gave her a grin. "I could marry you for that."

Her face turned sober and suddenly, the air around us seemed to change. She moved closer to me and her hands came up to trace the line of my face. "Saying things like that," she murmured softly.

I was mesmerized by the look in her eyes. Bree, from up close, looked more beautiful, more handsome than ever. I swallowed hard. "Why?" I dared to ask, shivering a little from the way her fingers were tracing my jaw.

"I might believe it," she replied as she lowered her face close to mine. She closed her eyes and breathed in the smell of my hair. Then ever so slowly, she placed her lips to kiss the top of my forehead.

My heart was beating a very erratic tempo. "Bree," I said breathlessly. "Keep doing that and I might forget that you're a girl."

She moved her lips to the other side of my forehead. "Good," she murmured. "I don't want you to see me as a girl. I never wanted you to look at me that way from the very first moment that I saw you."

That confession caught me completely off guard. "What do you mean?" I said gasping as she showered my forehead with little kisses.

"I mean that I've liked you from the start Tish," came her answer. "You with your long brownish hair, brown eyes and vivacious personality." She said it so suddenly that I felt my breath stop.

"What?" I asked my voice quivering. And suddenly, I was shaking. Literally shaking.

Bree felt it and she looked at me in alarm. "Are you alright? You're shaking!"

I shook my head. "I wasn't expecting that," I gasped.

She lay down by my side and hugged me to her tight. "Sorry, I didn't mean to just spring it on you but I just can't hold back what I feel anymore."

I was still in a daze and couldn't move. She feels the same way I do, my mind screamed. I can't believe it!

The lines on Bree's forehead appeared and I could sense her growing worry. "Hey," she said trying to calm me down. "I'm sorry okay?"

I shook my head again and turned sideways so that I faced her directly. "No Bree, it's all right." I said breathlessly. Then trying to calm the beating of my heart, I took a few deep breaths as she stroked my hair to make me feel better.

"Keep doing that and I just might also forget that you're Chelsea's little sister," I mumbled.

Her eyes grew wide. "What?" she said clearly surprised.

I looked at her straight in the eye. "I like you too Bree," I confessed. "I never thought of you as just a girl as well."

Bree's eyes flashed and before I could react, she pulled me close and in one swift movement, her lips were on mine and my eyes automatically closed while my mouth opened up as well to welcome the sudden invasion.

Her lips were soft and a bit uncertain but I kissed her back, trying to show her that I wanted this as well. She sensed my surrender and suddenly, I felt her tongue probe deep into mine and I met it eagerly, tasting her sweetness and loving the sensation of how our mouths met in one explosive passionate kiss.

She bit on my lip, nibbling on the corners making me shiver again. She snaked her arms underneath my shoulder angling herself firmer as we continued to kiss and I raised both of my arms to wrap around her neck, my fingers running through her short, spiky hair.

Our tongues continued their dance, our kisses getting deeper with every minute. I felt the urgency with each lick Bree's tongue gave me and I kissed her back desperately wanting to convey what it was that I felt for her.

I was so lost in the sensation of what Bree was doing to me that I moaned in protest the second I felt her lips leave mine. I opened my eyes and saw her looking down at me with a tender smile. "I can't believe you feel the same way," she murmured.

"I can't believe it either," I answered. "I thought you were into sexy girls with model-like figures. Not an older, single mother like me."

She chuckled softly. "Well, of course, having that wouldn't hurt," she said mischievously. Her eyes widened as I swatted her arm. "I'm kidding, kidding," she protested with a laugh.

"That wasn't exactly amusing," I answered her looking away.

Sensing the change in my voice, Bree nuzzled my cheek playfully before lying down beside me, carefully positioning one of her arms under my shoulders and her other arm holding my arms, while one of her legs wrapped around mine as I lay on my back, staring at the ceiling.

"I'm kidding Tish," she said softly, her mouth and breath tickling my ear.

"Well you can't expect me not to react," I mumbled. "Your previous girlfriends were all sexy with model figures and faces so laid with make-up. I'm not exactly packaged like that you know. I'm the complete opposite in fact."

"Hmmm," she murmured caressing my arms. "How so?"

The way her hands tickled my arms was distracting but I willed myself to focus. "I'm not sexy, I have cellulites, I have fats, I have wider hips, I have a round tummy, I am not tall. Overall, I'm not your usual type." I took a deep breath and plunged on. "Plus, I'm a mother and I'm definitely older."

Bree raised her head and gave me a long look. "Do those things really bother you?" she asked seriously.

I felt my cheeks heat up in embarrassment. Of course, it does, my mind screamed. I'm not your typical girlfriend material after all! But instead, all I did was nod, avoiding her eyes.

She placed her thumb underneath my chin forcing me to look at her. "Look at me," she ordered when I resisted. I willed my face away and this time, she turned my chin with much more force. "Look at me," she commanded firmly.

I gave in and looked at her straight in the eye.

She took a deep breath before talking. "Tish, I won't deny that my previous girlfriends were all sexy models. You saw their pictures so you know how they looked. I also won't deny that I have been attracted to them because I was but to be honest, those were physical features that caught my attention first." She paused and traced the outline of my jaw gently. "It's different with you," she said her eyes looking deep into mine.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and continued to listen.

"You don't have a model-like body but believe me when I say that you are sexy." She placed her arm over my waist and squeezed it. "You still have the curves in the right places and you're so huggable!" For emphasis, she nuzzled her head down my neck trailing little kisses along the way. I couldn't help but laugh at the tickling sensation this gave me. "Stop," I gasped. "I can't breathe!"

She stopped and looked at me rather shyly. "You want to know something Tish?"

"What?" I asked drawn into her sudden bashful expression. God, she's so cute! I thought.

"I was already attracted to you the first time I saw you," she confessed. "You looked really cute in that dress and bonnet but I was of course, still awkward as it was the first time Chelsea brought you. But during that day, I just observed you and saw that you were really charming and fun to be with. I never saw my sister laugh that much when she was with you and even, I found myself laughing along with all your antics. I realized that you were a good person and that only added to my attraction."

"The next few times we were together, you never showed any bad judgement towards my gender preference. You were comfortable and treated me just like any ordinary person. You even listened to my sorry love story and gave me good advice. It was really refreshing to be with someone who is as open minded and sincere as you. But back then, I thought you were single so imagine my shock when Chelsea told me you were married and had one kid. I thought, she looks younger than my sister, there has to be some mistake!"

"But then you showed me a picture of your family and I saw how you doted on your son so I thought what feelings I have for you had no hope. You looked happy with them so I contended myself with the fact that we're friends and that you seem to be happy that we know each other. I thought of you as someone who's so near yet can never be within my reach. Afterall, what can a lesbian do? I certainly can't come between you and your husband."

"Until that fateful day last year when you found out your husband cheated and you finally decided to separate from him." Bree hugged me tight and touched her forehead to the side of my head. "I was so mad when I found out," she said her voice muffled as her lips grazed the side of my neck. "I wanted nothing more than to beat that guy's face into a pulp or cut his dick so he'd really learn his lesson."

My eyes widened at her last remark. "You really thought of doing that?"

She took a deep breath and clasped my hand tightly. "If only it wouldn't be a crime to do so, I would," she said solemnly. Then her expression changed and she looked at me sheepishly. "But I can't deny that this development also gave me some bit of hope that you'd notice me," she confessed. "Not that I was rushing things but well at that time, at least you were single already."

"So, you already felt something for me even way back then?" I asked incredulously.

Bree nodded. "I felt like a prick for feeling this happiness when I know what happened hurt you deeply," she said looking deep into my eyes. "But I couldn't lie to myself. My feelings for you were growing and I wanted you to notice me. I wanted you to see me in a different light but then again, there was this little problem of you being straight; so how in the world would you even begin to look at me in a romantic way? Plus, you were basically single and out in the market again since last year. There were a lot of male species out there just waiting to make a move on you."

I blinked unable to believe the things she was telling me. "I didn't think you would have those thoughts and feelings," I said in a small voice. I suddenly felt a bit shy but flattered at the same time.

Bree chuckled. "Of course, you wouldn't," she confirmed. "I hid my feelings so well after all."

"So well indeed," I agreed still dazed at this sudden revelation.

"Do you know how worried I was when that guy from your work, Kent, started asking you out on dates?" she said darkly.

It was my turn to look apologetic. "Bree, that wasn't serious," I hurried to say and clasped her hand tighter. "He was the first guy who asked me out since I separated with Liam's dad and I just wanted to go and have a good time with someone. It has been so long since I went out on a date."

"Yeah, and you had such a good time, right?" she replied bitterly.

I placed my fingers under Bree's chin and looked at her deep in the eyes. "Nothing happened between us except for a few kisses," I said stressing out each word. "I swear Bree, he and I just had dates which never got to the next level."

"Why I wonder?" Bree huffed looking sulky.

I held my hand up to trace her lips. "The chemistry just wasn't right," I answered gazing at her meaningfully. "Bree, ever since Chelsea offered to take us in, it's always been you who spent time with us. Not that I blame your sister since I know she's also busy with work. But even with your work, you take time to cook us food and help with the household chores, you help me take care of Liam and play with him. To be honest, I can't help but feel you're more like a daddy to him than his real father was. And I could see that you're not just doing that because you feel sorry for us. You're doing that because you really want to." I smiled at her tenderly. "Remember the picture we took while we were at the beach?"

Bree smiled at the memory and nodded. "It was a beautiful, perfect day."

"Indeed, it was," I answered. "I cherished that day so much because in my mind and heart, I felt like we were a family - you, me and Liam. I never deleted it from my phone and I look at it every now and then."

I could've sworn Bree's face turned a little pink. "But what about the kisses you shared with that jerk, Kent?" she asked her voice still sulky. "Didn't that mean anything to you?"

I had to hide my smile. She's so cute when she's jealous, I thought my heart skipping a beat.

"Well if you have to know the absolute truth that I hide in my heart but will reveal right now," I said with a coy smile. "It got to the when the point when I started wanting to kiss your lips instead of his."

That was the boldest confession I've ever done in my whole life. Bree's mouth dropped open and before she could say anything, I leaned in and kissed her, taking in her soft lips and as she responded, I moved my arms to bring her closer to me. Her arms automatically came around my shoulders and within just seconds, the kiss became wilder and by the time we came up for air, Bree's hands were already inside my bra slightly pinching my nipples and I was gasping in the sensation of her fingers plucking at my twin peaks.

"Bree, don't stop," I pleaded breathlessly, unconsciously licking my lips.

She sucked in her breath at my movement. "Tish," she whispered hoarsely. "God, what you do to me!" And before I could say or do anything more, Bree's fingers unlatched the clasp of my bra and my breasts tumbled unto her eager hands. I basked in the sensation of her palms caressing each mound and I bit my lip to keep from crying out loud but when she pushed my blouse up and began sucking on one nipple while her other hand continued to fondle my other breast, I lost it. "Bree, that feels so good," I gasped clutching her head tighter.

Her tongue lavished my other nipple and this time, I could not stop myself from moaning out loud. Suddenly, she bit one nipple and the exquisite pain from the tug of her teeth just drove me wild. "Bree!" I cried. "Please…" I pleaded.

"What do you want me to do Tish?" Bree asked, her fingers still working their magic on my breasts. Both mounds were tingling after being sucked for what felt like forever.

I grabbed her head and looked her straight in the eye. "Take me," I answered.

Bree's eyes blazed. "Are you sure?" she asked hoarsely. "I may not be able to hold back if we start…"

I held her hand which was plucking at my nipple and guided it down to where even more wet juices await. I was wearing a skirt so I put my legs up and hooked her hand to the line of my panties. "Take them off me," I whispered.

She did obediently. My skirt and panties were thrown on the side of the bed and the object of my femininity was out in the open for her eyes to see. "Make me wet Bree," I said softly. "I want to be wet from your touch."

She gazed down at it and closed her eyes.

"Bree," I whispered. "What's wrong?"

She swallowed and looked at me. "Are you sure Tish?" she asked her eyes piercing straight at me. "This is the point of no return and I want you so much but I want you to be sure of what you feel." She gave me sad, wistful look. "I love you Tish and I want to take you with the knowledge that you love me as well. If we do it tonight, it means that you want to be in a relationship with me officially and we'll be dating exclusively. I won't take any other answer but that." She reached out to caress the side of my face. "I don't want this to be just some one-night stand. I love you too much."

I held her hand that caressed my face and felt my tears fall as I kissed the palm of her hand.

"Tish," she cried in alarm when she saw my expression. "Please don't cry!"

"Shhhh," I said smiling at her through my tears. "I want you to know that I'm sure of what I feel. I love you Bree. I know I'm straight but somehow, you broke through my walls and made me realize that when love happens, it recognizes no gender. Love just is whether we are male or female, straight or not. You've shown me and Liam nothing but pure love, care, affection and understanding throughout the months we were here. And I'm so grateful and humbled that someone as beautiful and pure-hearted as you would love me, my son and would care enough to be a part of our lives."

I paused and tenderly brushed the tears that were coming out of her eyes as well. "I love you Bree," I said again. "I love you so much."

And in that moment, Bree crushed her lips to mine weaving her tongue inside, running through my teeth and taking in everything I have to offer. Coming up for air, she sat up and slowly removed her shirt and undergarments until it was just her shorts that was left. She pulled me to a sitting position and gently removed the blouse that still clung to my shoulders and looked down at my all-exposed breasts.

Looking up at me with blazing eyes, she laid me down and her body followed settling on top of me as she worshipped my mounds again, bringing back my nipples to life as her fingers touched each nub with such aching expertise. My back arched as she took one nipple in her mouth and used her fingers to play with the other. "You like this huh?" she said with a knowing smile and winked at me.

My heart stopped at how handsome she looked and I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride as I watched her devour my breasts. "Yes," I answered breathlessly. "It feels so good."

Bree's mouth continued exploring the contours of my body pausing to lick my navel until finally, she was back again at the very source of my womanhood. I looked up at her, expecting her to push her fingers inside but she surprised me yet again when she got down and carefully positioned my legs on top of her shoulders. "Bree," I exclaimed in alarm. "You don't have to do that!"

"Oh, but I want to," she answered and her eyes blazed all the more as she looked down hungrily. "I've been wanting to taste this morsel for the longest time." And with that, her tongue licked through my folds and I whimpered at the sensations each flick sent shooting through my veins. As she nibbled her way inside finally reaching my clit, the pleasure came rolling in waves. I was drowning in passion as I laid there, helpless and exposed, at the mercy of Bree's tongue licking gently at first then more urgently with each passing minute. After a few moments, she came up for air and pushed her fingers in and then continued to lick my clit making me go crazy with wanton.

"You're driving me senseless," I moaned shaking my head from side to side. My fingers dug through the bed sheet as I felt the sensations start to rise again.

"You should see the face you have now Tish," came Bree's sensual voice as she paused to look up at me. "You're so aroused. And I love the sounds that you make. They sound so sexy."

I felt my cheeks heat up a little but deep inside, I knew she was right. I swallowed and closed my eyes but all thoughts scattered as she suddenly bit my clit hard. "Ahhhhhhh," I screamed in pure pleasure.

"Don't ever let anyone see this expression on your face Tish," Bree said quite harshly. "This look on your face belongs to me only. I should be the only one to make you look this way. My name should be the only name to come out of your mouth, do you understand?"

I nodded. "Yes, no one else but you!" I moaned and with that, Bree's eyes flashed and she went back to the pleasure of nibbling and biting on my clit again. I opened my legs all the more while clutching her head, running my hands through her hair and urging her to continue with moans and whimpers of ecstasy, telling her how much I loved what she was doing, telling her how much I wanted her. And just when I thought I couldn't bear it anymore, the peak of such sensations closed in and I cried out her name as my release finally came.

"Bree, I'm coming!" I screamed, this time not caring to keep my voice down anymore. I was in a pure state of bliss and longing for her.

"That's it Babe, come for me, scream my name!" came her seductive voice. I felt my heart hammer when she called me, "Babe" and I shivered. I looked down and saw her still bent down on me with a cat-like smile on her face. I reached out my hand, wanting to feel her arms around me in an embrace.

She understood what I meant. Licking her lips and smiling at me seductively, Bree came up and wrapped her arms and legs around my naked body enveloping me in a hug. "Our first time to make love and it's more special than I could ever hope for Tish," she said with a tender smile.

I was spent and exhausted after such lovemaking but never felt so loved. I snuggled closer, wanting no space between us. "You just blew me away Babe," I said coyly, following the endearment she called me just a few minutes before.

Bree sucked in her breath and held me under the chin to look in my eyes. "I like the sound of that," she replied, her eyes all aglow. "Should it be our official pet name for each other now that we're finally dating?"

In answer, I kissed her on the lips, weaving my tongue in to dance with hers. I stopped in between and giggled as she licked my lips back. "I love it," I said happily. Pressing my forehead to hers, I smiled and said it completely, "I love you Babe."

Bree's eyes were shining and a tear slowly fell from one eye. "I love you too Babe," she said holding me tight and kissing my forehead. "I love you and Liam more than you'll ever know."

We continued to embrace each other like that, content in feeling each other's breathing and hearing each other's heartbeat. Suddenly, I had a thought. "Babe, what's Chelsea going to say once she finds out about this?" I asked worriedly. "Do you think she would kill us?"

Bree laughed. "Relax Babe, Chelsea's not going to do anything," she replied confidently.

I looked at her skeptically. "How do you know? My worry is she might not approve of us; after all, I'm not exactly a perfect candidate to be your partner. Even though we are friends, I don't think she'd want me as your girlfriend."

"On the contrary, Chelsea is actually okay with you," Bree assured me. "I told her about how I feel for you a few months ago. Actually, I didn't just tell her. I admitted my feelings for you because even way back then, she already noticed how I treated you and Liam. She's my sister of course, so it's expected that she would be able to read me like a book."

"So, she's okay with us together?" I asked daring to hope for the best.

"Yes, she is," Bree answered with a grin. "She was actually more wary of me thinking that I'm just having fleeting feelings towards you and that I'd better not take advantage of your vulnerability; otherwise, she'd kill me. But in the last few months, she saw that I was serious with what I feel towards you and she wished me the best of luck in winning your heart, knowing that you don't swing the way I do."

"That's a real relief to know," I remarked. "I was worried she wouldn't approve and I'd have to go through some falling apart stage with one of my closest friends."

"No such thing like that Babe," Bree said lightly kissing my neck. "We're sure to have Chelsea's blessing and I can't wait to tell her the good news!"

Something about Bree kissing my neck got me all hot again and I turned to look at her licking my lips, hoping she'd get the message.

"Oh, you're so going to have it," she replied seductively, completely understanding what I meant.

But before she could make a move, I stood up swiftly and pinned her down, holding both of her hands. "Hang on," I said with a naughty gleam in my eye. Then I unclasped her bra and pulled down her shorts and panties slowly. "Tish," her voice trembled as she looked at me taking in all of her naked body. I felt myself go warm all over. God, I have never seen anyone so handsome and beautiful at the same time.

"It's my turn," I whispered. "Let me show you my love, let me make my mark on you. You're mine now."

And as Bree closed her eyes and threw back her head, I began the journey of discovering the curves and wonders of her body with my hands and mouth. I heard her sigh, moan and cry out my name and the feeling of being able to make someone feel so desired and wanted as how she did in that moment was so humbling and fulfilling at the same time.

Sometime later, Bree got up to check on Liam, who was thankfully still fast asleep inside her bedroom. "I wonder if he'll like me as the man in your life now," she mused.

"He already likes you," I told her, tracing her arms with my fingertips. "It won't be hard for him to accept because he looks up to you."

Bree caught my hand and brought it to her lips. "You and Liam are going to be the most important gems in my life from now on," she said solemnly. "We'll be a happy, loving family and everything I do will be for you both."

My heart swelled with so much happiness. "How did I get to be so lucky to have found you Bree?" I said through my tears.

Bree smiled, wiping my tears with her hands tenderly. "You really are such a crybaby," she chuckled. "We found each other Babe and now everything is just as how it should be. We now have the rest of our lives to love one another and be a family."

And as our lips met in another breathtaking kiss, I found myself thinking that I couldn't agree more. The road ahead is still long but what matters is we have each other. So long as that stays, I know we will be all right. Life with Bree and Liam. The new family I have now. My heart swelled with so much happiness. The future never looked so bright and promising.