Its kind of a loop
Where all you want to do
Is help anyone that walks right into your life
Even if you don't feel that connected.

You try so hard
To make them feel better
To get them out of their own despair
As you silently fall down along.

Get constant mood swings
Confusion lurking in your heart
As you want to scream
But don't get why.

You just keep worrying on
About the others who seem so lost
As they go on about their despair
Not caring about what you feel.

You don't want anyone
To feel the same ache inside of you
So you try to put the smile up
As people need to be cheer on.

After awhile your so call friends
Feel farther and farther away
As the annoyance walks right into your heart
As you keep trying so hard to help.

They never seem to change
Even though they seem so glad for you
To always be there by your side
As they drag you down with them too.

One day you wake up
To notice that you are getting closer
To the despair they are feeling
Since they never notice why.

They always refrain from saying too much
About their life anymore too
So you are stuck
Talking about your problems

They try to tell you what bests for you
As you sit there
Wondering that they should be taking their own advice
Then trying to control your life.

As the last drip of utter annoyance goes by
You know that it time to give them up
For all the things they did and say
Since there is no way to help them
If they didn't want it in the first place.