The young man worked tirelessly at his station. He was so close to achieving his goal, he just needed a little more time.

However, he was distracted by a bright light. He was met with the site of a humanoid. It looked slightly human, but it had no hair whatsoever, and it had no obvious… bulges to implicate its gender.

"Who the hell are you?" the young man asked.

"I'm a human from the future," the visitor said matter-of-factly. "I am here to tell you about the calamity you're about to unleash."

"No. It's meant to keep a human's cells replicating at a steady rate. How can it be a calamity?"

"It will mutate and develop into an infectious form of cancer. It must be destroyed."

"No! It will save the human race! You're a liar!"

The man attempted to retrieve the vial containing his work, but the visitor pushed him into a table, where a syringe filled with red liquid stabbed itself into the man.

He felt incredible pain as he witnessed his awful transformation. His hands fell to pieces, falling to the floor in bloody chunks. His entire body was degrading, being replaced with metal.

The syringe was filled with an evolutionary accelerant. His human body was evolving into something more biomechanical.

Suddenly, he didn't feel pain. Correction, he felt it, but not as a human. It was no longer a reason to cry. It was a reason to survive.

To add to his evolution, he no longer had asthma. Gone was his need for the inhaler. In was the need to live.

He saw all that his tech could see. He saw himself in many views. He saw the horrid form he now had: Gunmetal grey, skeletal, with eyes like emeralds.

Gone was his human form. He was now a machine. A living machine. The true neo-human.

He attempted to control the machines surrounding his visitor, who was destroying all the replicas of his anti-aging pathogen. He didn't succeed. He tried imagining them grabbing the intruder.

It worked.

The intruder was faced with hundreds of machines; drones, mechanical arms, razor-saw arms, the works. It was entangled in mechanical tentacles, squeezing the life out of it. But, upon it seeing the biomechanical form, the tentacle ceased its constriction.

The once-was man was integrating himself with the technology around him. Tech of all sorts was fusing to his body. The one from the future could sense that the former scientist was growing stronger.

A liquid flowed around the intruder, finding its way to the mechanized terror. It seeped into his pores, making him exponentially stronger.

"I would like to thank you, good stranger," the abomination said in a deep, gravelly voice. "You have made me see the light: Humans don't need to live forever. Humans need to evolve."

"You are delusional," the visitor replied. "Humans were fine before your virus started to kill people."

"Humans are doomed, anyway." The creature found another vial of the red liquid. "Humans must die. The machine must rise."

The vial extended a needle that the mechanical humanoid stabbed into the intruder. The vial triggered the same metamorphosis that the machine underwent.

"I am the next stage in the human evolutionary line," the Machine said, watching as the visitor screamed in pain.

"I am the inevitable." The visitor laid lifeless on the floor, his body now part of the collective.

"I am…. The Machine."