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There was blood so much blood. The death and destruction running rampant through the streets. It was all around me and well, I was more than sure I was the cause of it. my laugh is a hate filled sound that had the power to freeze blood in veins pale faces and widen eyes. Part of me knows that I should be repulsed by this but in truth I relish in this death, I revel in this destruction, I dine upon this pain as I swing my bloody scythe joy's foul grip looms over me and I let out a roar. Announcing my villous victory…

'Mariana! Wake up! Stop! Mariana' her scream of pure undiluted terror reached a new pitch her and he could only watch as muscles pulled taunt at though she was on some invisible torture rack, what was going on?

I take the head of my last living friend between my bloody clawed grip, even as she pled and begs for her unimportant little insignificant life but my conscience has been burned till not even ash remains and my grip does not falter and Yasana falls dead at my feet. It is then I catch sight of my boots, they are covered in gore and brain matter form the many heads I have kicked in, I smile red

He cradled the screaming sobbing child who was enduring god knows what 'I love you little one' he whispered the child was lying still in his arms as women only 17 years old yet still to be considered a woman, with all she has known and seen, appeared.

'she is gone Fae king she is gone' the pity in her voice was a hollow apology to the loss of a child and it sparks a flicker of defiance in this powerful man's mind.


'she is dead because of her extensive power not because it was her time. And if you think that I will let my little girl, my only child go, without a fight then you have another thing coming unless you wish me to take it up with your master you will let her live you lying traitor of a spy…' he left his sentence hanging there hoping, high on hope, the words and the threat woven amongst them, would keep the deadly girl in line 'fine' she whispered.

she opened her clenched hand and a small wisp of golden nothingness flowed out and into Mariana's mouth she gasped. her eyes fluttered as her heart began to beat again her sanyasis began firing once more her lungs began to inflate and deflate, she was alive the man breathed a sigh of relief he looked up to thank the Exet child. To thank her for her mercy. but she was already gone, nothing but a shade of memories and regret.


the girl awoke to a dark stuffy room, her limbs felt weak and shaky like she had done a long sparing session without any warm down stretches and was feeling the burn the next day.

What had happened to her?

That did not matter, not at that present moment because for Mariana Adaberiel there were more pressing matters at hand.

Food and toilet.

She pushed the covers away with one ivory clawed hand. She stood her heart beating as if she had just run cross country.

'jezz, what happened to me' she put a pale, shaking hand to her sweaty abandoned birds' nest that she called hair, 'you would think I got dragged through a bush by my ankles and then resurrected!'

With that exclamation a dark voice chuckled, echoing from the furthest corner of her room, the darkest corner of her room.

She turned with a yelp, and there she was.

She knew who the other was, everyone did.

How could you not know the future of death itself, the girl who would one day escort all souls to the gates of the next world.

She sat her legs set apart, her elbows resting on her knees, her vicious looking scythe resting against the chair, she was smirking at her, that knowing smile that didn't reach her belladonna eyes.

Mortalena Exet was beautiful.

With her night-fire hair and moonlit skin she was one of a kind. With her eyes that same shade of deep plum purple as the belladonna berries on her window still, she looked as deadly as she was. As deadly as the nightshade her eyes matched in cold clarity as much as color. She was lean and hard in places some men thought women ought to be soft, she was white scar tissue in places you didn't even know you could scar. She was all sharp edges and rarely soft lines, she was darkness and death both violent and gentle. She was hatred and love; her hands could save lives just as easily as they could end them.

But why was she in Mariana's bedroom?


"your here to kill me!" she jumped to the only conclusion she could come to.

Mortalena Exet was death's Heir apparent and she was in her room for no other discernible reason therefore she must be here to reap souls.

Mariana's first reaction was to call for her papa but even as she screamed something told her he would not be coming to save her.

This theory was confirmed moments later when Miss Exet stood from her seat chuckling slightly.

"nothing you try and do will call him to you not with the with extensive wards I've placed around the room."

She lunged for her phone. Only for it to refuse to even turn on. She swore spinning to face the young death god convinced this was all her doing.

She smiled softly at her "I have access to the wards that pave the streets no one is going to come to you here."

She can see the eddies of her dark power, see the age-old terror that had been sown into her very soul. "I can see why he chose you" Mariana said "to be his heir."

But as she continued to stare into the others Belladonna eyes, she saw it.

The wyverns and their riders smashed upon the flagstones of a major city square, a net of dark power pulsing in the sky above as the buildings all around started to collapse entirely before they were killed by the pain, they would be crushed...

Mariana looked away. "shit" she gasped the curse echoing throughout the room as the other girl stared at her, shocked at her use of language.

"Mariana Herondale I would have never taken your brainless chatting hid such a dirty mouth why hold my beer I have an addiction for drama. And this revolution is seriously dramatic." the girl smiled, and Mariana smiled back and somehow she found herself asking why this girl had been chosen by him, that dark monster and this funny girl were so different that it was perfectly strange to think that they were a good match for anything.

Mortalena suddenly grinned at her "you should probably get dressed we have places to go" she practically threw a pale purple dress at her "that's mine, but it goes better with your golden skin I'm too pale for it." she stared at her "for real?" she asked. Mariana smiled "wow!" she was amazed the dress was beautiful it was silk and was covered in gold thread embellishment and had a jewel and pearl belt like embellishment at the waist "how much time do we have?" she asked.

Mortalena grinned once more and she then started to make her bed "well that depends on you and what you have to say" she feels like growling at the room as she started to hunt for something that would match this dress.

The twins stood in a small kitchen they were making dinner for their honored guests she had arrived the day before and their mum had made them make their 'famous' chili for their guest.

The girl who said she had been to the usual places but when someone saw the tattoo of Irenva mountains on her chest she had told them all about going there and eating the spiciest food in the known world.

There mouther had decided to challenge that.

They didn't know if they could challenge that in spice and with only local ingredients the two twins with their dark coloring, heard her footsteps before the saw her.

She stood there her tan skin, pale for this neck of the woods and her polished cooper brown hair that was two or three shades to light to be like the others in who lived here in the tangle of dark wood that was there home. This certainly made her stand out from the crowd, but it wasn't just that they got travelers from the high planes and the western plateau who looked just like her it was the thrum of power that swallowed her and seemed to leave a strange buzzing taste in the air everywhere she went.

It was her armor. Made of a mix of soft leather and silver embellishments it would look like any other rich girls' armor if it weren't for the fact that was just her gauntlets, she had half suit she had been wearing when she arrived it had been made of dully shine metal and scared leather that look made from some foul bests hide it was dark and tough no embellishment apart from a family signal.

A roaring mama wolf standing over her cubs her form wrought with flame and shadow.

She smiled at them "I know who you are, and I'm here to save you"

you see it?