ok I know I'm posting a lot but that's because I found my old USB with old stories on it. this will not happen often.


Tradition, specifically hidden tradition had always been a staple in the boy's life since he could remember.

This boy's name was Alexe Riyvearna Ashien a child who lived week by week, day by day.

Alexe had life quite good, he was the prince of an expansive empire he was the first born of his father but thankfully, not crown prince. But if you were offer him life as anything a lonely noble's son or the youngest forgotten child of a broke man with nothing but a few sticks and scraps. Or even a slave.

Because Alexe was no ordinary prince.

But a prince trapped in a gilded cage and a cage that would keep him locked away till he could get married to some old king he had never met before.

He was the only son of the kings first wife who had died when he was two-year-old, and the king was still so grief stricken almost 13 years later that he was still enraged by the very sight of him that Alexe was sent from the room whenever his father entered but mostly confined himself to his top floor tower room to avoid the painful confrontation that was a guarantee whenever he left his room.

And it is here on the balcony siting in the shade of the overhang in the slowly chilling air of dusk where we find him.

He was watching the beginnings of a festival celebration as he watched the city streets below, he sat playing with his mother's amulet the only thing he had left of her.

The doctor who had been in charge of caring for his mother has said that it may have been a post birth infection that had caused her illness.

And now his father blamed him.

It wasn't just this.

Alexe was restricted from entering his mother's room or asking about her or even talking about her. The amulet had been given to him by an old priest but that had been a long time ago.

I've got another chapter in the works so expect that at some point.