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It took a couple of minutes (and then some) for Alexe to calm down.

And when he did, he told the priest his story, this story.

One day the new queen was visiting her doctor when she discovered she was pregnant; she told her husband as soon as she could.

He was very happy.

Nine months later she gave birth to a happy healthy baby boy whom she named Alexe, another couple of months later she became very ill and was bed bound for a very long time.

Her first doctor was sent away or killed no one knew.

The king then took on another doctor for his queen. This doctor told the king that her illness was from an infection that had been caused by the not so good post birth care.

His father then jumped to conclusions, namely that his son was responsible for his queen's illness. after his mother's death when the prince was two, his father locked him in a cell and ordered the guards to beat and abuse him whenever they desired.

The kings rage turned to a vindictive cruelty he refused to let the boy go out to the garden or into the liberty and said that the boy was a useless waste of space and would never permit him to get an education.

As the prince grew older the king saw that his son had inherited his queen's beauty and knew that the boy bride would bring him much.

Alexe finished and looked at the kindly preist who had a look of pure rage on his face. "now do you understand?" he asked.

The priest nodded "I will protect you" he promised.

Alexe smiled and for the first time he felt loved.

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