this started as a wild tumblr post in my head at 2 am and turned into kind of a story, so excuse the weirdness. :) (slightly influenced by "Summoned and Cloaked" by avarand, on AO3)

Ch1 - Hot

So, I happen to know there's a demon/monster/somerhing supernatural in my closet. Just roll with it - it's one of those hunches that you can't explain, but feels true. Thanks to college and otherwise-specified fuckery, I'm too burned out to stress about it, so I do something stupid and crazy: I open the closet door and step into the closet, closing the door behind me. I sit down, next to this invisible heap of energy (I really wouldn't know how else to describe it).

"Whoa. It's pretty boring in here, dude."

*Heap of energy doesn't respond.*

"So, what do you do for fun?"

I suppose this isn't a normal response for anyone being haunted, and I guess even supernatural beings can be shocked into silence.

My life is at a pretty not-so-great point right now, so I figure Why the hell not, as I continue:

"Hey bro, you wanna go out and prank people?"

I'm asking a demon out. No, I'm convincing it to come out of the closet. Wonderful.

So, I reach to my left, thinking it's about time to literally drag this thing out of the closet. The sensation is weird: I figured it would have a texture - hairy, slimey, scaly, whatever - but it was more like sticking your hand in the oven without touching anything: you're not burned, but you feel the air temperature is way hotter. I clutch the hot nothingness (it feels stupid, like my hand is empty), get up and step outside the closet.

I was half-expecting to just stand there like an idiot and wonder if someone spiked my drink at a party, but nope. As got up and out, I felt the Hot Nothingness™ in my hand materialise into Hot Somethingness.

For a second I just stood there, my back to the closet and my hand behind me, before thinking "Whatever, no fear." and spinning around.

Holy shit.

Hot Somethingness indeed, except now, metaforically hot. Tall, wearing all black, and looking straight at me. I let go of his wrist. Now I'm shocked into silence.

His expression is half-sulky, half-expecting as he crosses his arms at his chest.

"So, uh...", he clears his throat. "You said something about pranking people?"

Holy shit.