Ch2 – Problem

"Hang on, hang on. What the... How? How did you just... How?" (As usual, my brain-mouth filter is leaking.)

"Oh, I'm supposed to tell you about the mechanism of trans-dimensional transformations, or provide an explanation as to how I came into being?"

"That would be helpful."

"Too bad. I have no clue."

"Wha- How can you not know?"

"This isn't 'Princess and the Toad', there isn't one simple thing that explains everything."

Sarky bastard. Who knew demons come with annoying personalities?

"But you clearly have an understanding of the English language. And some pop-culture references. I suppose you don't know how you know that? Or you don't want to tell me?"

"What are you - my mother?"

At this point I remind myself I'm arguing with a demon or whatever. I take a deep breath.

"Well I might as well add supernatural beings to my problems list." How the hell am I going to explain this to my roommate?

"Anyway, what's your name?", I try to muster a smile.

He cocks his head, puzzled. "A second ago, you seemed annoyed."

"That's a weird name."

I suppose even demons have to roll their eyes at dad-jokes. Now I'm legit smiling.

"Look, being annoyed with you isn't going to make you disappear, is it?"


"Then why waste my energy on it? I'm not getting paid to be upset."

He seems to muse on that for a while.

"Now. Your name, demon."

"I... don't suppose I have one.", he says, his eyes falling to the ground. Is he lying or is it sadness? I'm not even good at reading humans, let alone trans-dimensional whatevers.

"Well, I gotta call you something... How about Damien?"

"Because it sounds like demon?"

"You got a better idea?"

"Um, messing with people did sound fun. When are we gonna do that?"

Talk about not thinking things through.

But it does seem prudent to get him out of the room before my roommate gets back and starts asking questions. So, out we go.

Walking a demon around campus, but humans are too mainstream anyway. It's totally not suspicious. He could be just another student, with that jet-black mess of hair, and whiskey-coloured eyes... Wait, what am I thinking about? Pull yourself together, girl.

"Hayley!", I see a friend of mine waving at me across the street as she heads our way. Shit.

"Please don't be weird.", I mutter to him.

"You mean weirder than humans?", he quips with a smirk. How old is he anyway? And what is his history with humans? I settle on rolling my eyes, as there's no time for that now.

"Hey, girl! Who's the new guy?"