Wind exists also to show time
see how God breathes gasps
we may count the seconds as we follow
a breeze with our own burning
eyes in a field
of sage soft green see it bends and shudders as it
begins here and there it shifts upwards towards
blue sky. Once more
shadows envelope
the field dips behind the hill ancient volcano
it's cap blown off the sage cut
through the black rock and preen
towards the orange slipping sunlight,
and as the sun peeks over the black volcanic rock bits of salt
collect in the cracks and crevices of the pumice stones,
have you seen a God
drown Himself in His own
Orange light sea salt
washes ashore to encrust the black sand (for there was a sea here, once)
it stains your hands and fingers as you bring it
to your lips like Holy Communion in a hot church pew
Sweat gathering at your nape Amen Amen Amen
All that lace, all those scuffed shoes,
taketh Christ into thyself, Amen.