Chapter 6

Colleen instructed Hoyt to meet her at Mike's Tavern at 8:00 on Saturday night. He assumed it was so he could report on how it went that morning when Reed cleaned out his desk and left the Mahoney Insurance Agency building for the last time.

Hoyt was surprised to see that Angie was seated in the booth across from Colleen and that Angie appeared to be surprised to see Hoyt.

He faced the dilemma of figuring out who to sit with and ultimately decided that facing his boss was probably best so he sat next to Angie. Both women had drinks in front of them.

"You want a beer or something?" Colleen asked.

"Sure," Hoyt replied.

Colleen motioned the waitress over and she ordered a Bud for Hoyt.

"So, he didn't torch the place?" Colleen asked sarcastically once the waitress left.

"He was controlled," Hoyt reported. "Having the two cops there definitely helped the situation."

"When your family's been selling insurance in the same town for a hundred years you earn favors," Colleen said. "So, anyway, Hoyt, I want you to move into Reed's office."


"You can effectively manage the office from there plus it gives you privacy when you need to have sensitive conversations with people instead of using the conference room," she explained.


"Just do it," Colleen said. She sat back in the seat and studied her two co-workers. "Did you know that Mahoney Insurance used to be Mahoney, Mahoney, and Mahoney?"

"I don't remember that," Angie admitted.

"Daddy dropped the other two Mahoneys when we moved into the new building about twenty years ago," Colleen explained. "They were both dead. I tried not to take it personally since I was hoping I could be my own Mahoney."

"Well, you're the real Mahoney now," Angie smiled.

"Yeah, but the name of the agency is kind of boring," Colleen complained. "Stoic. Singular. Old fashioned. Makes us sound like a one person outfit when we have nearly twenty employees."

"That's true," Angie agreed.

"So, I've decided on a name change," Colleen announced.

Angie and Hoyt exchanged surprised looks.

"I like the way Mahoney, Williams, and Clark sounds," Colleen told them. "Modern. Up to date. Youthful. A team."

Colleen laughed when she was the dumbstruck looks on Angie and Hoyt's faces. Both tried to tell her that such a graceful move wasn't necessary but Colleen held her hand up.

"It's time," she said. "Hoyt, after you move into your new office, start working on the name change," she said. "I've got to pee." She slipped out of the booth and disappeared just as the waitress brought Hoyt his beer.

Angie and Hoyt were both left speechless by the news. It was the last thing they expected to hear from their boss and friend and both were embarrassed by her gracious gesture.

They sat there for a long moment trying to process it all when Angie heard her cell message notification beep. She glanced at her screen. It was from Colleen.

"I'm on my way home so Carl can fuck the new senior partner," texted Collen. "You're on your own. Why don't you do Hoyt?" A smiley face followed.

Angie blushed as she put the phone away.

"Something wrong?" Hoyt asked.

"Mahoney's not coming back," Angie reported. "She was my ride." She glanced at Hoyt. "Can you give me a lift home?"

"Sure," he said. "Just let me finish my beer."

"That's fine, Clark," she grinned.

"Thanks, Williams," Hoyt replied.

Angie couldn't believe how everything seemed to be falling into place. Colleen obviously planned the whole thing – insisting on picking up Angie even though it was out of her way. Leaving her at Mike's with no ride and Hoyt sitting next to her.

Any doubts about coming back to Greenville had been permanently extinguished. She was now a partner in a business with her name on the letterhead, a dream come true. The fact that it was with her lifetime best friend only made it all the more perfect.

And what about Hoyt? Angie glanced at him as he drove her home wondering if he was supposed to be the complete package and not just the third name on the letterhead. Were all her years of loneliness finally coming to an end? Was she meant to be with someone who had experienced as many obstacles as her?

Angie directed Hoyt to her condo. "Come on in," she said with surprising confidence. "I'll show you the place."

Hoyt followed her into the condo and for the first time since she moved in it didn't feel lonely or empty entering it knowing that Hoyt was by her side. She gave him a quick tour and he told her she had a nice place.

"I bet it beats your Aunt's cellar apartment," Angie remarked.

They were standing in the hallway between the living room and bedroom – Angie had lured him there with some bullshit story about one of the paintings on the wall – she got it at a tag sale but she made up some lame story about it being a family heirloom.

She was staring at the painting wondering why she had so blatantly lied about it when she realized that Hoyt was staring at her and not the painting. Angie felt her breathing stop as she turned to see him gazing at her and all of a sudden he lowered his face to her lips as he placed both hands on the sides of her face.

"I've wanted to do this from the first day you started working at Mahoney."

"That's Mahoney, Williams and Clark," she corrected.

His mouth covered hers and Angie realized just how intoxicating it felt. She closed her eyes and tilted her head, amazed at how long it had been since a man made her feel this way.

Hoyt moaned as he played with her lower lip with his mouth and she dared to dart her tongue between his lips. Angie wrapped her arms around his neck, mostly so she wouldn't collapse with faint. She opened her eyes and she stared into his, dizzy from the moment – her heart beating, her breath short.

Angie hadn't thought twice about it when Colleen told her to dress up and she found herself making out with Hoyt wearing a skin tight black dress. He was in jeans and a sports shirt which she wanted to rip off his chest. She realized that his hands were still on her face. Neither of them moved for the longest moment as Angie held her breath. Electricity flowed through her body when Hoyt kissed her again and he gently pushed her against the wall so that her ass was rubbing against the radiator.

"Lift up your arms," Hoyt whispered into her mouth.

She did as he asked and he lifted her dress off over her head. She left her arms stretched high standing in black bra and panties and Hoyt kissed her armpits and he neck before going lower and she wondered if he could feel and hear her heart beating and her breath hitching.

Hoyt brought his hands to the elastic band of her panties. She caught her breath as he gently pulled the material down her thighs to expose her womanhood. She kept her arms stretched up against the wall as if she was reaching for the stars as Hoyt dropped down to his knees and buried his face into her groin which almost caused her to keel over from want and lust.

She felt his tongue exploring her inner regions and she whimpered with ecstasy.

Before she knew what was happening, Hoyt had swept her up in his arms and he carried her into the bedroom, placing her bottomless on the bed on her back and he gazed at her revealed beauty with an intensity that further took her breath away.

Angie knew that no man had looked at her the way Hoyt was looking at her. He quietly and effortlessly undressed himself and when he tugged his briefs down his legs Angie's eyes went wide when she saw his erection pointing at her. He knelt on the bed and gently opened her legs as he settled over her.

"I've wanted you for so long," he sighed.

"Since high school?" She asked.

"Yes," Hoyt almost whimpered as he opened her thighs wider to give him access and she was the one whimpering when he entered her.

"Hoyt." Angie arched her hips in anticipation as he sank into her.

She moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist while his hands gripped her ass underneath her and he thrust deep. Angie realized that they were finally one and that she had finally connected with a man on a level she'd never experienced before.

Hoyt slowed his motion but kept pleasuring her and incredible sensations exploded inside of her as Angie lost control of her body and a powerful orgasm rolled through her like never before and she realized she had finally found compatible and meaningful love to go with the lovemaking.

That's why she started to cry – from happiness and an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, completion and gratitude. Her life finally had meaning, all because she had done Hoyt just as Colleen had devised and advised and all was well in the world.

Mahoney, Williams, and Clark was going to be an amazing success.

The warmth of Hoyt's seed filled her and she clung to him as if he was a life buoy and she cried like she had never cried before, waves of freed emotion and unexpected happiness overwhelming her as Angie Williams finally understood the meaning of life and love.