I speak to men every now and then.

Most of them are challengers to my mastery over the mountains, laid low with ease by an opponent they did not understand was far beyond their steel lances and armored horses.

They screamed and cried, begging and pleading for the mercy that did not exist for them, and so I would force them to speak to me of their world, the stone towers and castles of man and the stories that they brought to my doorstep. Some would attempt to placate me with stories of their offspring and mates, prostrating themselves for a chance to see them again. Others provided far more interesting words, offering tales of the wars and triumphs of men over the land and each other. Though I found little use in them, their stories did nonetheless fascinate me to no end.

Of course…none of my 'guests' ever departed, save for the mercy of my fangs and gullet. Eventually, their stories bored me, or I grew weary of listening to their primitive language. One way or another they would meet their end. All the same, I decided, it was a pleasant experience to pry stories and interesting information from my occasional captives.

As I nested my enormous body over the peak of one of the lower mountains of the Hoarfrost, watching with keen vision as a large contingent of human soldiers marched through the snow, I turned my attention to the south, where another group of soldiers were marching through the thick beds of frost. Each side carried banners different from the other, and though I knew little of human politics, I could smell the tension coming from their respective groups.

Curling my lip and uttering a low growl as I studied the intruders to my domain intently, I spread my ivory wings, their glorious span rippling out through the air with force enough to give pause to the snowfall around me. Leaping off the mountain, I took flight through the snow-choked air, drawing closer as the two forces drew together, pausing mid-march as I landed above them, on the mountain they had met under.

"…These lands belong to the sovereign domain of Kronz. You and your men are trespassing on the crown's land!" I heard one voice, from a figure who had stepped forward from the first group. "You will withdraw your forces to Hronnfell, and never return!"

"Aye, that seems awfully simple. You claim that the Frostfall Path to the east belongs to the kingdom of Kronz, yet I see no Ivankronz here to secure his holdings! What is a king who cannot defend his own land?" His opponent retorted, amidst jeers from his men towards the other side. "For too long your ilk have controlled the trade routes to the east and south, and for too long King Hronn has abided by your king's greed. No longer! The Frostfall Path is ours!"

That was decidedly disappointing, I grunted, settling my wings against the mountain peak. Fighting over a simple land route for trade, and one that was through my land, no less!

"If you cannot listen to reason, then I will make your ilk understand the only way you know how…these are Kronz lands…and you are not welcome. At the ready, men!" With a blast of a warhorn, the first group readied their weapons, drawing into formations as their enemies did the same. Tiring of the already boring diversion, I took flight, diving straight towards the center of the group.

"Right…let's send these bastard's heads back to their weak king!" Drawing his axe, the opposing general readied his men for a charge…only to let out a scream of sudden shock as I landed between the armies, crushing him underfoot as they all panicked, screaming in horror as I flared my wings out, letting out a roar that shook the mountains themselves to their roots.

Sweeping my front leg and sending dozens flying, I couldn't help but laugh as they broke their rigid formations, attempting to scatter away from my claws and tail.

"D-Dragon…a d-dragon…" Spotting the other general, who was in a state of shock as he fell behind on his comrade's retreat, I leaned my head forward to see him closely. Opening my jaws, I let him peer into my frigid maw, teeth like sharpened icicles and breath like an ancient blizzard.

"Return to your king, charlatan, and tell him that these mountains are mine!" I spoke finally, my voice irritably choking out their guttural words as I turned my gaze to his army, still desperately running for their lives. "MINE!"

Letting out a terrible cry, I unleashed a breath of pure ice upon them, freezing most of them solid in their tracks in an instant glacier.

Reaching out, I plucked a frozen soldier from their statue-like position, gulping it down as the general watched in abject horror.

"These mountains will never bow to a crown of man! Now, go!" I demanded, sweeping my tail across the snow as he screamed, tripping over his own boots as he ran into the wilderness, just behind whatever men had survived my wrath.

Watching him go, I chuckled slightly. Though it had been yet another boring skirmish between bickering kingdoms to break up, I enjoyed terrifying them all the same. With luck, that idiot king of theirs would take this hard lesson to heart, and it would be the last time I would see soldiers coming through the mountains...though I somehow doubted it.