an alien speaks about observing the terrestrial activity of human photographing

we have seen them use a machine that does reproduction of realities; they take parts of the reality and use this machine and afterwards you see pieces of the original reality in a piece that is made of paper; how does this reality end into a piece of paper we can not understand; we can not also understand if the object in the piece of paper is the reality itself, pieces of it or it is something else we can not scrutinize; we have also noticed that they do often do this so called reproduction or duplicate only on certain objects; for example we are currently observing a man and a woman that stand together; the man does often make reproductions of the body of this woman; we are confused to the number of bodies and how it works but also we can not understand why he does replicate only this part of the reality; he seems stick on this kind of duplicate only (her body) and we have found 800 copies of it? Are there 800 bodies? We can not make out! But among other questions this question remains 'why are there only reproductions of her body';