Case #261

Client's Name-Cynthia Roper

Address-1449 Settler's Ct., Rockville MD 20814

Phone-H 301-555-2401 W 240-555-3403


Overview-Suspects her husband Thomas Roper is having an affair.



July 21-Commenced my investigation. Parked close to the office building at 218 Main St, Rockville, where he works.

At 12:03, he came out and went in his car, a blue Toyota license plate OUT1415. He headed south on Main St. Unfortunately, I lost him in traffic. Returned to my parking space and had lunch. At 1:42, he returned and entered his office building. His shift ended at 5:30, so I decided to come back, rather than wait four hours.

July 22-Returned to his office building. I drove my 2nd car, in case he recognized the first one.

He left the building at 11:45. He got in his car and once again drove south on Main St. I followed closer to him than before. He drove to a quiet street, parked his car at a house, and got out. The address was 480 Big Tree Rd in Wheaton. It belongs to Heather Thomson.

A woman greet him at the door and let him in. I took photos.

I got out of my car and "cased" the house. I could see them through a bedroom window.

There is a tree on that side of the house. I climbed it-it has low-lying branches. I hid myself in it and waited-taking photos.

Unfortunately, it began to rain. It had been threatening this all day. It was pretty heavy, and I got pretty soaked! Nevertheless, I continued my observations.

They didn't bother putting the drapes up, so I got some very good photos of them. He stayed there for about two hours and left at 1:45. I had enough evidence, so I didn't bother following him back. Instead, I went home-and changed into dry clothes!

Conclusion-Thomas Roper is having an affair with Heather Thomson.


(Twenty 8x11 photos are included. Three show Thomas at the front door being greeted by Heather. The other four were taken of the bedroom window and show the pair of them in various states of undress, and in various states of lovemaking.)


Two days $100 per day-$200.

Lunch-Grilled cheese sandwich and iced tea at the Stop Inn Cafe-$10.23 (see invoice)

Dry cleaning bill from Kim's Cleaners (for wet clothes)-$18.45 (see invoice)


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