"Is my Liviet dead?"

"Yes, milord." Rokori pursed her pale chapped lips into a simple line and stared ahead. The smoked tinged air flickered with remanants of fire and the burning flesh stench still meandered on the rotting planet. If one could call a barely colonized moon of the Nefray system a planet. "Your Liviet turned to the Nefray when we decended and slit her own throat."

"We tried to stop her, King Aquill." A sharp voice, ragged from running interjected.

Rokori shifted her thin frame just slightly to glare behind her to Eflen who had interupted and then looked up at the six foot King beside her. His black eyes remained focused ahead and the vacant expression drew a more ominous look to the scars adorning his face that had seen the last two hundred and fifty years.

"Yet, you did not stop her Rokori?" King Anquill inquired.

"No," Rokori replied and hesitated. "I didn't like her."

A small chuckle left King Anquill and Rokori stepped back in tune with the shift of his body towards hers. The King's large gloved hand remained tight on the hilt of his cartinium-flax sword. The crude looking weapon unbreakable by normal means.

Rokori felt the wind snap against her face as the King moved expertly in tune with the concise movements he always displayed. His sword flashed by her gaze and past, cutting thru Eflen's throat as though getting a slice of a gelatin substance for a piece of bread. Eflen's head balanced on the end of the sword before King Anquill gave it a flick off the hillside where they stood.

Blood splattered the ground and pelted the side of leathers. "…Milord?"

"Silence, pet."

Rokori stiffened, surprised at the unexpected anger. She had not found King Anquill that liking of his Liviet in recent months and had spoke of releasing her from her binding as his paramour. King Anquill looked directly at her. Silent and the dark rage within him seemed to be seething.

"You will take her place for tonight; for your negligence." King Anquill declared. "Your Queen will not be pleased to have my Liviet dead."

Rokori remained silent.

"Alert Commander Bayone to the completion; we leave at once." The King ordered and left as quickly as he came. Leaving Rokori alone on the hill.

With a last look at the fallen moon that soon would be dust lingering in the Nefray system; a declaration of war from the System of Anquill, Rokori began her descent.