Reality crumbles at that moment

Dreams soar on wings of steel

The seconds tick by so I try to hold it

And suddenly I feel

So close no matter how far

Happiness doesnt begin to describe

As the open wound begins to scar

Deadmen can feel alive

The broken wings begin to mend

Dont open your eyes

This moment may never come again

My heartbeat races as time flys

Which is quicker?

Who could care?

While a candle flickers

And theres no thought of despair

Her lips set off a subtle blaze

That burns through my body

And courses through my veins

But all too soon it ends

And as a stare at the beauty across from me

it quickly sends

Cold chills up my spine from the sight I see

I sit and count the seconds

Till our lips can meet again

Because the moment the kiss ends

I snap back to the hell I live in