"The Sensational Night Shadow in… The Camping Tale"

Chapter 3

Created by The Spectacular SpiderDom

Opening the door and heading outside the cabin, the three heroes noticed that Technolocity was sitting on a log near the fire pit area, all by himself.

Rather than spend his time doing other camping activities, the supervillain was watching an episode of Stranger Things using a holographic projector he created with his arm. Eating popcorn through a trap door in the mouth of his helmet, he watched a scene where his two favorite characters were kissing.

"Mike's such a lucky bastard," he said, munching on his snack. "I want a telekinetic girlfriend."

Mason, Monsoon Gal, and Pyro Lad exchanged a glance before they sat down. The pyrokinetic folded his arms, the water bender rubbed the back of her head, and the Shadow of Seattle tapped his fingers together.

"Techno," he spoke. "There's something we need to tell ya… oh, are you watching Stranger Things?"

"Yep! I'm on Season 3. It's 2035 and Season 4 hasn't been released yet! What's taking them so long?"

"I guess since Netflix and Hulu made their merger, Huflix in 2026, they've decided to spend their time making more 'high quality' seasons of Fuller House."

Pyro Lad punched Mason in the arm. "Focus!" he snarled.

"Sorry," Mason cleared his throat. "What I meant to say was… we gotta tell ya something. We-"

"Hold that thought for a second," Technolocity turned off his projector and got up from his log. "I just wanted to thank you and Sydney for letting me stay on this trip. I know I've been a little annoying."

"A little?" Pyro Lad raised an eyebrow.

"But I still appreciate the fact you're all cool with me being here. I do wish that the Void League could join us for this trip, but hey, they're always next year, am I right?"

Mason glanced back at Monsoon Gal and Pyro Lad.

Dunnere gulped, as Aqua and Molten ducked behind their masters' shoulder. They silently shared growls at the villain.

"Listen, Techy," Mason continued. "We're-"

"Hey! Speaking of next year, maybe the Void League and I can invite you guys to our camping trip!"

"Oh, joy," Pyro Lad rolled his eyes. Monsoon Gal nudged him in the arm.

"We can play games, watch movies, go swimming, have a tent slumber party, pull pranks, play manhunt, anything! It'll be the best camping trip ever!"

"Technolocity, we're kicking you out of our trip."

The nano-tech villain froze. His digital face dropped.

"…I'm sorry… something must be wrong with my hearing systems," Technolocity reached for his helmet and pulled it off, revealing his true identity… sort of. He wore a black mask with the word, Censored, printed across the top part of the face. He picked his ears and cleaned the wax off his fingers, which grossed out Dunnere and Aqua. He placed his helmet back on. "What did you say?"

"Do you need it translated into a different language or something?" Pyro Lad grunted. "We're kicking you off of this trip!"

Amber Conner, who was listening to the conversation the whole time, stormed out of the cabin and approached the heroes, demons, and villain. "Okay, I can't take this negativity anymore. Why don't we try a different method; discuss our feelings."

"Oh, I love it when we do that!" Monsoon Gal clapped. "It helps me get to know my peers as well as clear my thoughts. Let's see, I feel happy that I have Aqua by my side, I'm glad the water in France is so nice, I'm bummed Pyro's not having as much fun as I am, I'm a little mad Technolocity's screwing up our trip, and-"

"I don't think she meant it like that, Monsoon," Pyro Lad placed a hand on his partner's shoulder. To which Molten obnoxiously chuckled.

"What I meant to say was, let's tell Technolocity how we feel using kind words," Amber said.

"You sound like my pre-school teacher," Technolocity said. "Who turned out to be a Russian spy."

"Mason, try putting what you want to say graciously," Amber suggested.

"Okay," the man folded his arms. "Mr. Blockhead, you're a horrible camper and nobody in this cabin likes you."

"Took the words right outta my mouth." Pyro Lad raised his hand.

Amber wasn't amused. "Let's do something along the lines of, 'when you do this, it makes me feel this.' "

"Fine. Okay, Techno, let's see… when you camp here with us, it makes me feel angry… because you're a horrible camper and nobody in this cabin likes you."

And just like that… Technolocity began to cry. Tears were flowing down his face on the inside, which was showcased on the outside. Only digital tears came down his electronic eyes. His cyber mouth quivered as he sobbed. Amber gasped and gave the supervillain a tight hug. Glaring at the three heroes and demons, she stuck her tongue out.

Molten returned the same gesture, but Dunnere growled at him as if to say, "Dude, not cool."

Of course, Molten growled back and pushed Dunnere. The black salamander stroked his blue beard and socked the tiger in the nose.

A fight escalated between the two demons.

"Hey, hey, hey! Back off, Dunnere!" Mason grabbed his demon by his tail, attempting to pull him away from the tiger's claws.

"Can it, Molten!" Pyro Lad did the same thing. It didn't take long for the fight to end, but both demons clearly wanted to continue fighting.

Monsoon Gal glared at the two boys and then at Technolocity, who was still crying. She approached him.

"Look, Technolocity," she said, gently. "Don't cry. While Night Shadow and Pyro are annoyed by your antics, I'm annoyed because you're the villain and we're the heroes. Even though you and NS are friends on Facebook for some bizarre reason, It's not normal for us to be hanging out together. It's like if Batman and Joker suddenly decided to become besties. It's not natural."

"Monsoon Gal!" Amber gasped.

"N-no," Technolocity sniffed. "She's right… It's not normal for me to spending time with my enemies… I'll just pack my bags and go… that's all… I'll return to my lair… where I'll be all alone. I'm not sure when Tender Soul's coming back from the hospital, so I'll be lonely in my lair… all alone."

Still sobbing, the technological villain limped towards Jerry's camper. His head was hung low and his arms drooped to the ground.

Amber cupped her hand over her mouth in sheer horror. She turned around and gave Mason, Monsoon Gal, and Pyro Lad the ultimate guilt trip… the puppy dog eyes.

Her bright eyes glowed in the afternoon sun, as her fingers wrapped around one another and her hands shook. She puckered her lips, as she made slight whimpering dog noises.

"Oh, great," Pyro Lad folded his arms and facepalmed. "Who we do know who also gives puppy dog eyes?"

Amber continued her gesture, tilting her head to the side in the process.

Monsoon Gal didn't even attempt to resist this, as she could be very gullible at times. Leaning down a bit, she placed a hand on the girl's shoulder.

"MG!" Mason said, frustrated.

"Oh, come on, Mason!" the water-powered heroine smiled. "Maybe Techno will warm up again by tonight. Perhaps, he'll behave once we roast marshmallows and make S'mores. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?"

Mason wanted to retort against that comment, but he remembered that he also gave low-level criminals a second chance. He didn't do it a lot, but if it's someone he truly believed in, he'd attempt to convince them to be a hero. One of the reasons he admired Monsoon Gal so much is because they shared that personality trait; trying to turn people around. But the only difference, which Mason disliked, was the fact that if Monsoon Gal's first attempt at changing someone failed, she'd give it up and accept the villain for who they were. She would thrash on them as if they meant nothing to her.

Mason would accept some criminals who they were too, but he wouldn't go out of his way to thrash upon them as his hero would. It was one of the only flaws he wished she could improve on. He had faith that Technolocity could come around due to his goofy nature.

Speaking of the villain, he came out of the camper with his bags in his hands. He waved goodbye and sobbed.

Dunnere popped out of Mason's shoulder and looked into his master's eyes. He was ready to support whatever decision he made.

After a few seconds, Mason finally made up his mind… boy, was he gonna regret it.

"Wait," Mason said, raising a hand.

Technolocity paused his crying and looked at the dark-haired man. Pyro Lad whispered the words, "No, no, no!" to himself.

Monsoon Gal and Amber shared a curious look.

Mason clenched his fist and Dunnere pressed his hands together.

"You can stay."

Technolocity gasped. "R-REALLY!?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever… just don't get-"


"-get too excited."

Technolocity grabbed the man by his orange hoodie and pulled him into a tight hug. Amber and Monsoon Gal joined in, giggling and laughing as the villain cheered that he was here to stay.

Pyro Lad and Molten shook their heads in disbelief. The only thing the orange/yellow suited hero could say was…


Later that night, Mason and Amber told Sydney and Jerry the "good news" regarding Technolocity. The former, of course, was unhappy to hear about this as she didn't see the logic in letting that moronic dullard stay for what was meant to be a romantic camping trip for her and her boyfriend. The latter, while he was also unhappy, kept his opinion to himself because he didn't want to upset his crush, Amber.

Soon enough, the two have learned to suck up the fact Mason's arch-nemesis was staying, but they both felt they wanted to smack the superhero once this was over.

But instead of dwelling on that, they joined said superhero, Pyro Lad, Monsoon Gal, Amber, and Technolocity in the middle of the yard where a fire rested in place.

It was a warm, peaceful, and silent night. The only noises that were heard were the crispy sounds of newspapers and wood burning in the firepit. Mason cuddled beside Sydney, who was wearing a flannel blanket over her head. She leaned on Mason's shoulder and bestowed a kiss upon his cheek.

As with Amber and Technolocity, the two of them sat next to one another. The former wore a blue and pink robe with fuzzy red slippers. The latter was underneath a sleeping bag.

The other superheroes besides Mason were also next to each other. Pyro Lad had his arms folded while Monsoon Gal was meditating.

The three demons sat on their masters' shoulders.

All of them were listening to Jerry finish a scary ghost story.

"And legend has it… you could still hear the lugubrious wails of the writers for the Green Lantern reboot somewhere in the shadows." Jerry said as he slapped his hands together.

Everyone gasped in horror, especially Mason, who didn't like a lot of the newer DC Comics live-action movies. Pyro Lad rolled his eyes, giving a slight chuckle at Monsoon Gal's gasp.

"Top that, Mason." Jerry folded his arms and smirked.

"Pfft, please," Mason winked at Dunnere, pointing to himself. "Telling scary stories was part of my Night Shadow training."

Monsoon Gal gently punched Pyro Lad's arm. "See? I told you it would come in handy."

Pyro Lad and Molten raised their eyebrows and exchanged a glance. Aqua nodded in agreement with her master.

Mason cracked his fingers and began his spooky tale. "It was a dark and stormy night. A slight autumn breeze drifted through the arable land… a lone girl walked across a narrow path. Every corner was surrounded by rotten, old pumpkins."

"This chick's gonna need some backstory," said Sydney.

"She uh… was a beautiful girl, who loved horses, watched Lazytown for some reason, and did stand-up comedy for a living."

Sydney gasped. "Just like me!"

"Yes, very much like you, Sydney… but this girl's name was… Sydnie!"

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" The young girl dug her head underneath her blanket.

Pyro Lad scoffed. "Is that it? Is that it for your scary story?"

"No," Mason replied. "There was this emo dude named Inferno, who could produce magma from his rear."

"Must've had the Taco Bell that night," Monsoon Gal commented.

"Is there anyone like me, Mason?" Amber raised her hand.

"As of matter of fact," Mason replied. "There was this really talented, yet absent-minded girl named… let's see what name sounds similar to Amber?... hmm… ah-ha! Her name was… Ember!"

"Whoaaaaaaaaaa," Amber's eyes lit up with amazement. "She sounds fascinating."

Jerry nudged Mason and whispered in his ear. "Yo, could you help a laddie out and make my character the boyfriend of Amber's character?"

The orange-hooded boy nodded. To which Dunnere snickered.

"But Ember wasn't alone on this journey," Mason resumed. "Not only was she with Sydnie and Inferno but she was accompanied by her athletic, super strong, boyfriend named… Sherry!"

Sydney, Monsoon Gal, Pyro Lad, and the three demons stood silent for a minute before all of them started laughing. Technolocity tried to be the nice one and not laugh, but he couldn't resist. Amber was confused.

Jerry's eyes popped out of his sockets, as he glared at the French/American man. Did he give his character a stupid name on purpose?

"Sherry?" Amber rubbed her head. "Who does that remind me of?"

Sydney playfully punched her sister's arm.

Mason proceeded to tell his tale. "Anyways, the four friends strolled down the path, when they suddenly came across the old vestiges of a wooden house. They wondered what caused this wreckage, so they've decided to investigate. Upon entering… they-"

Technolocity raised his hand. "Uh, excuse me, Mason."

"I'm assuming you want an OC too, Techno?"

"No… I was just hoping I could tell the rest of the story. I mean, I know you're the storyteller, but I have something that'll make the story even scarier."

"Wait your turn, dumbass. Let him finish." Pyro Lad snarled.

"No, it's all right, Pyro," Mason nodded. "Techno, go right ahead."

Technolocity cracked his fingers and leaned upward. He rubbed his metallic gloves together and spoke. "The four friends entered the house and found that it was pitch black; no light could be seen whatsoever. Inferno, because he had superpowers, stepped inside and told the rest to wait outside."

As Technolocity told the story, a rustling came from the bushes of the forest far behind the campers. A black creature poked its head from the shadows and silently growled at the sights of Monsoon Gal, Pyro Lad, and Mason.

"But the normal kids didn't want to wait, they wanted to investigate because even they knew that if they split up, they'd end up dead. Just like in every horror movie ever made."

Mason and his friends found themselves invested in Technolocity's story. They weren't sure why, but they were interested in the way Technolocity was talking. He made it so simple, yet his voice sounded so spooky.

"Not bother to argue even further, Inferno and the kids all went inside the house. But it was hard to navigate through it, as they couldn't see anything. They pressed their hands against the walls, looking for some form of a light switch… but they remained unaware that a dark force was present upon them; a dark shadow that loomed the house at the darkest hour."

The creature that haunted the bushes slowly came out of the shadows, approaching Monsoon Gal and Pyro Lad from behind.

"But thankfully, the kids did find a light switch somewhere. A chandelier's lights flashed from above, startling the kids below. Now, you would think that all would be good since the lights were turned on, but you'd be mistaken… the dark force I mentioned earlier still lurked around in the light, hiding in whatever shadow it could find… and then… just when the kids don't suspect it the most."

Sydney was the first one to spot the creature behind the two superheroes. Her eyes widened, as she rapidly poked Mason on the shoulder. Mason looked up and had the same reaction as his girlfriend.

Wondering what the two lovebirds were staring at, Jerry and Amber glanced over to the behemoth behind Monsoon Gal and Pyro Lad. They gasped heavily and backed away towards Mason and Sydney.

Technolocity leaned forward, facing Monsoon Gal and Pyro Lad.

"You two have five seconds to hand over your demons to me."

"What?" Monsoon Gal inquired.


"What the hell!?" Pyro Lad mumbled, as he and Monsoon Gal were lifted off the ground by a pair of large, dark pinkish/brown hands. As they squirmed to get out, the creature stepped out of the shadows, revealing itself to Mason and the others.

It was a humongous, bulky pink gorilla who stood taller than the average-sized gorilla. She was a female gorilla wearing a tactical vest printed in blue and black camouflage colors. Large black elbow pads wrapped around her elbows and the same sized knee pads were around her knees, but her knee pads were colored brown. She wore a pair of maroon green pants with a purple stripe running down each side along with brown fingerless gloves, black combat boots with a green stripe along the heel, and a red banana that wrapped around her forehead.

On her back were holsters for two massive-sized machine guns that sat above a dagger that size of a mountain. On her thighs were two holsters that housed two pistols that were no bigger than her other weapons.

Mason, Sydney, Amber, and Jerry gulped. They backed up a few feet, as Technolocity activated his jet boosters and levitated upward.

"Mwa-hahahahahahahahahaha!" Technolocity cackled like the supervillain he was. "Behold, the newest member of the Void League: Mojo the Pink Gorilla!"

Mojo nodded at her master, as she chucked Monsoon Gal and Pyro Lad across the yard. She watched as the two of them slammed their backs into the trees in the forest. Both of them fell on their stomachs, as they groaned in pain. Well, Pyro Lad groaned in annoyance than he did in pain.

Just then, the remainder of the Void League: Melody, Tender Soul, and Raven arrived from above. They all landed near their master and huddled aside their new teammate. Tender Soul fist-bumped Mojo and smiled. Mason gasped and raised an eyebrow, as he saw that Tender Soul was completely well despite stepping on a LEGO brick.

"What the hell is this, Techno?" Mason inquired angrily. "I thought Tender Soul was in the hospital!"

"You see, Night Shadow," Technolocity rubbed his hands together and paced back and forth, explaining his plan. "This may come as a shocker, but I set this whole thing up! You posted on Facebook a while ago that you were going camping with Sydney and a few friends, so that opened up the perfect opportunity for me to steal Dunnere. I built a fake hospital in my lair and faked my story about my own camping trip."

Sydney and Jerry heavily glared at the superhero. Mason and Dunnere smiled awkwardly. Amber gasped and cupped her hands over her mouth.

She approached the villain. "But… we were camping buddies… that means nothing to you?"

"So, sweetie," Technolocity grinned and stroked Amber's chin. "Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of fun with you… but I'm a supervillain, this is the kind of shit I do for a living."

"So, all those times you were annoying the hell out of us were all for a god damn set up!?" Sydney snarled.

"Mostly," Technolocity replied. "I really didn't know how to canoe, nor did I have intentions to swim in that public pool."

"What about the time you did go camping!?" Mason inquired.

"Now, that story was true. The one-story where I said the League and I were camping this week was a lie. Were any of you listening to my story? Get with the group, people!"

"Oh, I'm gonna get you, all right!" Mason rolled up his orange sleeves, as Dunnere growled.

"Is that so?" Technolocity evilly smirked. "Void League, get them!"

As the Void League charged for Mason and his friends, Monsoon Gal and Pyro Lad leaped upward and took out their weapons. The former spun her turquoise and green-colored bo staff and splashed a pool of water on top of Melody and Raven. Tender Soul ran as fast as he could and punched Pyro Lad twice before kicking him near the fire pit. The pyrokinetic hero whipped out his auburn nunchucks and twirled them around. The fire from the pit flowed onto the weapons, as Pyro Lad smacked Tender Soul across the fast and pinned him down with a fiery blast.

Melody tumbled across the ground and landed on her feet.

Reaching behind her, she pulled out a flute and placed her lips against the mouthpiece. Playing the flute and twiddling her fingers around, the harmonic tune she was playing created a red energy orb on the front of the instrument. She pulled her flute back and chucked the ball of energy at Monsoon Gal.

Using her powers, Monsoon Gal created a whirlpool by spinning her staff faster than the speed of light. She deflected the blast, jumped up, and slammed her staff against the ground, missing Melody by a split second.

Speaking of the musical villain, she played another tune on her instrument and created a beam sword out of her weapon. She pulled her hair back and lunged forward, locking her blade against Monsoon Gal's staff.

They swatted, clashed, and slashed at each other.

Raven rushed towards Mason in an attempt to capture him, but Mason rolled underneath Raven and used Dunnere's dark tentacles to trip him on his feet. Mason then jumped into the air and slammed his feet against Raven's chest, hearing the bird moan in pain. He jumped off and gathered his non-powered friends together and began running towards the cabin.

"Run! Get to the cabin!" he shouted, as his friends followed close behind.

Technolocity flew towards them, as Mojo reached for her pistols and began firing large bullets at Pyro Lad. Thanks to Molten, Pyro Lad was able to burn the bullets and grab them with his hands. He transformed them into fireballs and chucked them back at the pink gorilla, who moved to the side and kept firing.

As Mason and the others got to the front door, Technolocity landed in front of them.

Raising his hand, his palm glowed with cyan energy; he was ready to fire at the civilians.

"Don't get your powerless friends involved in this, Night Shadow," Technolocity said. "And don't make me hurt you again. Just hand get Monsoon Gal and Pyro Lad to hand over their demons, you give me Dunnere, and I'll let you guys go free."

"Ain't gonna happen, asshole!" Sydney stepped forward in an attempt to hit the villain, but Technolocity smacked her aside. She fell on her back.

"SYDNEY!" Mason screamed at the top of his lungs. Three more tentacles came out of his back and they wrapped around Technolocity's arms. They picked up and chucked him over the man's shoulders.

Flying through the sky, Technolocity fell on top of Raven, who was helping Mojo fight Pyro Lad.

Speaking of Mojo, she punched the Firestarter twice before the latter swung his chucks around and smacked the gorilla up her chin.

Mason helped Sydney on her feet and rushed inside the house. Dunnere slammed the door and jumped back on his master's shoulder. Both he and his master rushed upstairs.

"Where are you going?" Jerry said in a cowardly tone. He hid behind Amber's back, as his body shook.

"I gotta get dressed!" Mason replied. "Barricade the door the best you can!"

"How do we do that?"

"Don't you watch TV!? Just place random shit against the door!"

"Will do!" Sydney gave her boyfriend two thumbs up. "Amber, follow me!"

The blonde/green-haired girl nodded and joined her sister in gathering supplies. The two of them starting shoving random supplies against the door: a drawer, a desk, a TV, a set of colored pencils, a random statue of Gordon Ramsay, a cabinet filled with DVDs, etc.

As they did that, all Jerry did was sit around and panic.

"Heilige Scheiße, Heilige Scheiße, Heilige Scheiße, Heilige Scheiße!" the German man cried, as he sat against the couch and covered his head with a pillow. "I don't want to die by a freakin' pink gorilla! There are so many things I wanted to do, so many things I wanted to see!"

Suddenly, Mason's black leather pants fell down the stairs.

"Crap!" Mason snarled. He ran down the stairs, partially in his Night Shadow suit, and picked up his pants. Jerry looked over and widened his eyes.

"That wasn't on the list."

Sydney and Amber placed a couch against the door and went back to get more supplies, but instead…


The door exploded and all of the supplies flew across the room. Sydney and Amber felt the impact push them back, as they fell on top of one another against the ground. Jerry looked over at the girls before facing the door; Technolocity stepped inside and looked around.

"Where's Night Shadow!?" he snarled before he was suddenly hit in the shoulder by a Sai.

The Sensational Night Shadow, now wearing his suit, jumped down the stairs and tackled Technolocity. The two of them rolled out the front door and landed on the grass, where Monsoon Gal and Pyro Lad fought off the Void League.

Night Shadow was the first to get up, as he grabbed Technolocity with his hand and punched him three times. Technolocity blocked the fourth punch and shot his enemy's chest with a repulser blast. Night Shadow flew backward and landed on his feet. A wave of darkness wrapped around his arm and he reached over to pull his Sai out of Technolocity's shoulder.

With both Sai in his hands, he lunged forward and started swatting the blades against the villain's suit. Technolocity was hit a few times by multiple blows until he ordered his nanotech to create a shield around his left arm. He blocked a few more attacks until he tripped Night Shadow off his feet, grabbed him by the foot, swung him around, and chucked him through the window of his cabin.

Shattered glass scattered the floor, as Night Shadow tumbled right into a coffee table, scaring the life out of Jerry. Amber and Sydney watched in horror.

Getting up, Night Shadow patted his helmet and raced out the door. "Oh, that son of a bitch!"

Missiles popped out of Technolocity's arms and they fired at the superhero. The black/blue hero slashed through the missiles with ease and kept them from hitting his cabin as well as other cabins in the area. Speaking of other cabins, humans and robots who were enjoying a peaceful camping trip jumped out of bed and ran out the door. They didn't want to get involved in whatever was occurring.

Technolocity shot more blasts out of his hands and Night Shadow dodged each of them. Jumping off the ground, Night Shadow roundhouse kicked Technolocity three times before punching him with large fists made by Dunnere's powers. Technolocity tumbled across the ground before he landed right in the brook.

As soon as he made the first contact with it, he jumped out of the water and was electrocuted. His whole body shook, and his cybernetic helmet started to glitch.

Night Shadow wiped his hands clean and grinned. He turned around and saw that Monsoon Gal and Pyro Lad were having trouble fighting the Void League all at once. The water bender twirled her staff and clashed with Melody's beam sword. She was punched and kicked twice by Raven, but she fought back by splashing both villains with a whirlpool.

Pyro Lad rubbed his hands together and shielded himself from the bullets Mojo fired from her machine guns. The behemoth laughed, as she slowly approached the Firestarter. She placed one machine gun away and took out a large dagger, preparing to stab the hero.

"Say goodnight, hot-head!" Mojo cackled.

In the blink of an eye, Night Shadow kicked Mojo across the face and slammed his fists on top of her head. "Wait a minute, you can talk?"

"Of course, I can talk, sucka!" Mojo replied in a sassy tone. "What? Did you think I was some mindless gorilla with no personality? Who the hell would like that character?"

"And you sound like a Wanda Sykes impersonator," Night Shadow rolled his eyes. He was right, Mojo did sound like that said celebrity while also having a darker tone. "Great."

Monsoon Gal smacked Melody and Raven one last time and raced towards Mojo and her friends, who were fighting in the middle of the campsite.

Just as she called upon the water from the book to help her, the purple-costumed speedster named Tender Soul ran behind her and grabbed her by the hair, yanking her to the ground.

"You're-too-slow-Monsoon-Gal. There's-no-way-you-can-keep-up-with-me!" he laughed in a fast tone. He pulled his fist back, sparks of lighting flowed from his elbow to this wrist and prepared to punch her. But Monsoon Gal used her mind to plan her next attack…

She kicked right between his legs.

Tender Soul's green eyes popped out of his sockets, as he winced in pain. The lightning streaks on his arms went away, as he fell to the ground, covering the place between his legs.

"Didn't see that coming, huh?" Monsoon Gal winked.

She got up and rushed towards the pink gorilla. She leaped upward and slammed her bo staff against the ground, creating a tsunami of water that swam out of the brook. The flow of water aimed straight for the pink gorilla, but the creature slammed his elbows and projected a pink shield around her body. It blocked the water from passing through, but Monsoon Gal focused all of her willpower into the flood.

She grunted and groaned, feeling her head hurt as her concentration grew larger; her knees began to buckle because of the pressure.

Feeling concerned for her safety, Night Shadow and Pyro Lad nodded at one another and charged towards Mojo. But the gorilla saw through their plan and deactivated her shield. She evaded the pool of water and smacked both superheroes with all of her might.

They fell right on top of Monsoon Gal.

Mojo laughed. "Yo, Techno. These motherf*ckers gave you trouble? Man, bro, they're nothin' but jokes."

Technolocity, who somehow escaped the water, was sitting on the ground, dazed.

Mojo laughed and whipped out her machine guns again, reloading them and aiming them at the three heroes. "Say g'night, suckas!"

Before she fired, a frying pan hit her in the side of the head.

She turned around saw that Sydney was throwing a bunch of kitchen supplies at her and Technlocity.

"¡Arruinaste mi Viaje de campamento, imbécil!" she cursed in Spanish, as she threw a cheese grater at the gorilla's face. Mojo snarled and aimed her guns at the girl.

"WAIT!" Technolocity shouted with worry.

Night Shadow jumped off of his favorite heroes and raced towards Sydney. Mojo pulled the trigger and watched a bullet fly towards the Spanish woman.

Sydney gasped and ducked down to avoid the bullet, but Night Shadow pushed her out of the way as the bullet broke through another window. Thankfully, Jerry and Amber weren't hurt.

Laying on top of her, Night Shadow looked down and saw that Sydney was in one peace. He took a breath of relief, as he got up and helped her on her feet.

"How dare you try and hurt an innocent civilian!?" Monsoon Gal snarled, preparing for combat.

"I'm gonna burn the fur off your skin!" Pyro Lad howled, as he and his partner continued their fight.

"Save some for me, guys!" Night Shadow rolled up his sleeves and prepared to join the fight, but Sydney grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

"Wait!" she pleaded.

"Sydney, let go! I need to fight her!"

"Listen to me really quick!... she's too strong for the three of you to take down. Even with your demons, she overpowers you! We need a plan of attack!"

"I have a plan… attack."

"No, stop!" Sydney tugged on Night Shadow's arm again. "Listen!"

Pulling the superhero's ear to her mouth, Sydney whispered her plan. As he listened, Night Shadow nodded and squinted his red eyes. He nodded a few times until he grew a huge smirk on his face. He liked what he was hearing, and he couldn't wait to put that plan into action.

"How lucky am I to have you?" Night Shadow folded his arms and grinned.

"Very lucky," Sydney leaned towards her boyfriend with the same expression on her face.

Night Shadow raced to the edge of the brook and cupped his hands together. "Hey! Over here, you overgrown ape!"

Mojo raised her head up and locked demonic red eyes on Night Shadow. She snarled and began slamming his fists against her chest. Placing her guns away, she got down on all fours and began dashing towards the hero. Revving up his super speed, Night Shadow cracked his fingers and took off running. The two of them went around the cabin and ventured down the road, where dozens of houses sat in place.

Jerry and Amber looked out the window and watched as Sydney, Monsoon Gal, and Pyro Lad ran around the house; they followed the combatants.

The Void League were helping Technolocity on his feet.

"Oh, cool! The heroes are gonna do the work for us," Jerry smiled with relief, as he smiled and looked at Amber with love in his eyes; he thought now would be the time to make a move. "Guess that means the two of us are all alone."

Amber ignored what Jerry said and ran out the door, pursuing the heroes.

Jerry frowned that his chance at romance was thwarted again. "Well… it was worth a shot."

"Over here, you dumb banana-lover!" Night Shadow called again.

"I don't even like bananas!" Mojo shouted. She swatted at the superhero, but she missed. Night Shadow jumped on her head and volley kicked her across the face. He landed on the ground again and ran down the dirt-covered road. Dunnere popped out of his shoulders and stuck his tongue out at the mammoth-sized monster.

"Hold still, ya little devil!" Mojo snarled, as she pressed his knuckles together and went after her target.

Night Shadow kept running until he came across a cabin that was up for rent. He checked the house to see if anyone was in there, no one was, and ran back outside. He waited patiently for Mojo to come at him.

Monsoon Gal, Pyro Lad, Amber, and Sydney stopped at watched.

"Toro, toro!" Night Shadow quipped. Mojo leaped towards him… but he moved out of the way just in the nick of time. "Olay!"


Mojo crashed into the side of the wooden wall and fell right on her chest. A loud ringing occurred in her head, as she shook it and pressed her hands against it. It didn't take her long to clap her hands together and charge at Night Shadow again.

Like before, the hero took off running.

"Ah, I see what he's doing." Monsoon Gal snapped her fingers.

"That's the probably the most cliché way to beat someone like that," Pyro Lad rolled his eyes. "I could have thought of that in five seconds."

"Who cares if it's cliché?" Monsoon Gal inquired. "It works, now let's take this ape down!"

Both elementals nodded in agreement, as they raced forward with their weapons in hand.

As Night Shadow slid underneath Mojo's next attack, both heroes called out at the same time.

"Hey, Mojo! Over here!" the water bender called.

"I have a bone to pick with you!" the Firestarter added. "Come here!"

Mojo changed her targets; she turned around and leaped towards the duo.

Moving to the side, Monsoon Gal and Pyro Lad ran in opposite directions. They both waved and called out to the gorilla. Night Shadow smiled; he was pleased to know that Sydney's plan seemed to work, and he joined in on throwing insults at the gorilla.

A thousand voices hit Mojo in her head, as she had trouble figuring out who to go after first. She looked around and around; sweat poured from her head and onto the ground. Gripping the fur on her head, the pink gorilla hollered into the starry night sky and chased after Pyro Lad.

The pyrokinetic jumped to the side and watched as Mojo impacted a large tree. She hurt herself again and fell on her rear.

She did the same thing when she chased after both Monsoon Gal and Night Shadow.

The plan was clearly working, as Mojo felt her powerful rage leave her body; she was low on energy. She strolled across the campground with her arms draping against the grass. Panting and panting, sweat poured from her head like a waterfall, as she felt like she was about to pass out.

But the three heroes weren't finished. They all banded together and began thrashing on the gorilla.

"NOW!" Monsoon Gal shouted.

The three demons wrapped themselves around the arms of their masters, as they punched Mojo twice in unison. They fired an uppercut against her chin and kicked her chest three times. Each of them whipped out their weapons and smacked the gorilla all around her body, hearing her grunt and groan in pain.

Technolocity and the Void League finally arrived… and they were disappointed to see their ally was losing.

As a finishing blow, all three heroes pulled their fists back and their demons morphed into giant fists that went over their masters' arms. Mojo looked up and saw what was about to happen. Before she could run, the trio of elementals slammed their superpowered fists against her chest.

The impact of the blast sent her flying across the campground, where she found herself heading straight for her other villains.

"Aw, shit," Technolocity mumbled.


All five supervillains took to the skies like rockets blasting off to space.

"Cure this stupid cartoon cliché and curse you Night Shadow for being so smaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrt!"

A little sparkle in the night sky indicated that the Void League was out of sight; the superheroes have won the fight.

"Dumbass," Pyro Lad scoffed, as Molten turned back into a tiger and sat on his master's shoulder. Aqua and Dunnere did the same thing.

Night Shadow, Monsoon Gal, and Pyro Lad huffed and puffed together. Sydney and Amber approached them and patted them on the shoulders.

"You guys okay?" Sydney said with concern. She hugged her boyfriend. "That was amazing!"

"Couldn't have done it without you," Night Shadow nodded, hugging Sydney back. "Thanks, Syd."

"No problem… and next time, you should think twice before taking Technolocity somewhere with us."

Night Shadow chuckled in embarrassment, as Pyro Lad gave him a dirty glare. "Yeah… sorry about that. I really thought he wanted to go camping. You gotta admit, that story he made up was believable."

"Sure, it was," Pyro Lad said sarcastically.

"Any way I can make it up to you, Hun?"

"Well…" Sydney stroked her chin with a grin painted on her face. She and the others began walking back towards their cabin. "First, you and I have to go on a romantic stroll through the campground tomorrow, just the two of us."

"Got it."

"Second, you have to do the laundry when we get home. Why? Because I hate our washing machine."


"Third, you're going to binge-watch the second season of Lazytown with me."

"Jesus Christ."

"And then… you have to polish my collection of action figures… and that's it."

The next day, In Technolocity's lair.

The technological supervillain himself sat by his desk with a sketch pad and a back of crayons. He was busy making a new plan to capture the heroes' demons.

"Stupid Night Shadow," he grumbled. "Of course he would use the most obvious combat tactic to defeat Mojo. But at least she's recovering from her battle… the next time we meet, Night Shadow, Dunnere will be mine and so will the other demons belonging to other superheroes. Just you wait and see! Mwa-hahahahahahahahahahaha!"


"Ah, crap… I broke my crayon."

Tender Soul entered through the door of Technolocity's lair. He looked around and saw a whole bunch of vintage computers, DVDs of Daffy Duck cartoons, pictures of penguins, and other items from the '90s and early 2000s lying around on the ground. He stepped inside, limping on one foot.

"Uh-Boss," he said.

"What is it, Tender?"


"Nice try, Tender Soul, but that trick's not gonna work again. Night Shadow's not that gullible."

"No-I-really-did-step-on-a-LEGO-brick-this-time. Look."

Tender Soul lifted his leg up. A bright yellow LEGO brick was stuck inside his foot. A drop of blood was coming down his heel.

Technolocity, giving an annoyed expression, sighed in a low tone before he grabbed his car keys from the wall. "Come on, I'll take you to the hospital."


Technolocity navigated through the junkyard he called an office, nearly tripping on an old television.


"Shut up, Tender."


Tune In Next Time For…

The Sensational Night Shadow – Issue #3: The Jacked Up Headless Reunion