"What is a girl like you doing here in a place like this? Are you even old enough to be here?"

Katie lifted her head up from the cup of sprite and glanced at the man in front of her. She estimated his age to be something around eighteen. He had a bottle of beer in his hand. A small smirk was on his face.

The brunette looked around, as if just realizing the surrounding she was in. She was in a bar, and all around her men and women in revealing clothes were dancing their hearts out. Loud music blasted through the air, deafening the audience and making them move even faster.

"I'm older than I look." She smiled and stirred the plastic straw in her drink. The man casually sat down beside Katie. The warm smile on his face amplified the girl's trust on him.

"Really? You certainly look grown up." The man looked at Katie from top to bottom. The girl keenly noticed his eyes paused a few seconds at her cleavage. She merely smiled. She was wearing a red midriff that showed her belly button. Her breasts were pushed against each other by her tight clothes, revealing a pleasant curve.

Katie took another sip of her drink. The man sat down beside her.


"Oh, this is the part where I introduce myself." Katie rose her eyebrows. "Katie. Eighteen. Financially independent. Open."


"Open for date, if that's why you're here." Katie looked down on herself. "Oh who am I kidding. Of course you're here to date me."

"I barely know you."

"That doesn't seem to stop you from thinking about me."

Jaison tapped his head. He suddenly felt the girl's expression looked so cute under the colorful lighting of the bar. The combination of the alcohol and the ear-destroying music made his face turn red. "Let me buy you a drink." He stood up and walked to the bar and grabbed a beer. When he returned, Katie casually strolling her fingers across her long legs.

Jaison gulped. She seemed so hot. He wasn't new to this, but he has never slept with someone as perfect as the girl in front of him. His mind turned as he imagined going to bed with her. Her hair...her legs...her face...everything about her was drawing his desire.

The way she flirted with him made his back sweat.

Jaison slowly walked toward Katie, but his mind suddenly went down a darker path. A part of him was confident he could get close to her with his charm and handsomeness, but the other part thought he wasn't good enough for her. Plus, all jokes aside, she looked like a junior. He put his right hand into his pocket and touched something.

Jaison sat back down and handed the beer over. Katie took a large drink and emptied half the mug almost immediately.

"So, are you here for college? UoC?"

"What's that?"

"University of Charleston? The largest university in the city?" A strange light appeared in Jaison's eyes. "Well, that answers my question. What are you doing here?"

"I'm actually here to find a job."

"Which field?"

"Well," Katie lowered her hand and suddenly flipped her hair up. Jaison's eyes followed her. "The type that requires you to be an adult."

Jaison coughed. "And your parents are ok with that?"

"I don't give a damn what they think. I'm an adult, remember? I get to decide my own life." Katie shrugged and emptied most of the drink. "I need to go to the washroom." She stood up and walked to the bathroom, leaving the beer with Jaison.

Left alone to stare at the drink, Jaison's eyes flickered. He couldn't help but notice an opportunity to one hundred percent get in bed with that beauty he so much desired. He looked around and noticed there was nobody watching. His right hand went into his pocket while his mind continued to turn.

It was a fight between logic and desire. Good and evil.

The girl said she's here to join the adult industry, and from what she heard her parents wasn't keeping a tab on her, which means she is likely in the city alone. If he could drug her and have sex with her, what could she do when everything's all over?

Call the police on her? He could just say she seduced him. It would be his words against hers. Plus, mostly victims of sexual assault remain quiet about what happened to them. He could likely get away with it in one piece.

Desire overcame logic and self control. When the man's hand came out of his pocket, it was holding a small pill. With lightning speed, he dropped the pill into Katie's beer and watched it dissolve.

When Katie came back two minutes later, there was nothing suggesting something foul was done.

"I sure hope you didn't drug my drink." The girl's first sentence almost made Jaison wet his pants, but he quickly realized she was just joking. His heart calmed down slightly as she emptied the rest of the mug. Inside, he even smirked a little. He couldn't wait to see what will happen next.

The two continued the conversation for ten minutes, and Jaison repeatedly eyed his watch. Finally, Katie groaned. Her head was turning heavier and heavier. Finally, she collapsed on the table in front of her.

Jaison immediately rested his hand on her forehead. "Are you alright? I'm sorry. I thought you could handle the drink." They were still in public. As for now he needed Katie to trust him. If she cried for help, even under the cover of the music, people would still hear it.

"I'm fine. Do you have a car? Take me to the Benedict Hotel. I've got a room over there. Room 201. The keycard is in my pocket." Katie barely lifted her head. Her words were starting to slur. Once again, as he carried Katie in her arms, Jaison smirked. How dumb does this girl have to be to still doesn't suspect a thing? He glanced at Katie's curves and smiled as he felt her soft body.

The teen carried Katie out of the bar and into the parking lot. Jaison owned a black car, and he put Katie into the back seat. He put the seatbelt on before going to the driver's seat. He shouldn't exactly be drinking and driving, but he was sure a single mug of beer wasn't enough to make him forget how to drive. There's always the possibility of being stopped by a cop, but Jaison was too dominated by his lower body to use his upper one.

They got to the Benedict Hotel in ten minutes. Katie was almost asleep. Her hands were subconsciously touching her shirt. "It's so hot in here." She complained, half asleep.

Jaison licked his lips and carried Katie into the hotel through a side door. He found the room, found the keycard in Katie's pocket, and opened the door.

The first thing Jaison did was lay Katie on the Queen sized bed. When that was done, he finally looked at the sleeping beauty.

One third of her cleavage was outside her clothes. He smiled lustfully and touched one of her breasts and enjoyed the soft feeling. He was about to take off his clothes when he felt his entire body sweating. His mind turned. There was always time for a shower, and he wanted this to be good. He turned around and walked into the bathroom.

When he came back again ten minutes later, after a long bath, he was paralyzed to see the bed empty. The mark Katie's body left on the bed told him he wasn't delusional, but the girl herself was nowhere to be seen.

"What the…" He walked out. His chest was bare, and a towel covered his lower body, but just as he walked out, he felt a heavy knock in the back of his neck. He immediately collapsed on the ground, his towel falling to the side.

Behind him, Katie stood there, smiling.

The situation in the room was completely different. Jaison was tied to a chair. Katie took out two handcuffs from a black bag in the closet and cuffed Jaison's arms tightly, limiting his every move. Why a teenage girl would carry two pairs of handcuffs in her bag was anyone's guess.

As of the moment, the girl has just pulled another chair over and was staring at the naked Jaison with curious eyes. She was still gorgeous, but the man wasn't tempted.

He was horrified.

"What...what are you doing? I was just...I saw you were drunk and I did what you told me to do. I wasn't doing anything, I swear."

"Is that why you took a bath and came out naked?" Katie glanced at between the man's legs. "And don't act so innocent. I know you put something in my beer."

"But...but you still drank it."

"Oh, so you did put something in my beer. I knew it was odd for you to be so active but I wasn't sure. Thanks for telling me the truth."

Jaison silently cursed himself. The girl didn't know what he did for sure. At most she had was suspicion, and he just helped her confirm this suspicion. If they were on a court Jaison could just deny every saying it, but right now he was tied to a chair and she wasn't. There was no telling what she could do to him.

"As for the drug, did I forget to mention drugs don't work on me." Katie shrugged with her legs crossed. She seemed to be enjoying this conversation. "I found that out the hard way. Imagine going into surgery when you were six and finding out acesodyne don't work on you. Not the best way to make the discovery."

She suddenly tilted her head, as if returning to that piece of memory. "Though I've got to say it was quite enjoyable." She rolled her tongue in her mouth, as if just remembering the taste of a delicious treat, but she quickly turned her attention back to Jaison.

"Now, what should I do with you?"She stood up and started circling around Jaison. The man gulped again. Usually he would enjoy such attention from a girl, but not this time. He was naked and he was frightened. All he wanted to do was go home. He was regretting going to the bar. After he gets out of this, he would stay away from bars for a month.

Okay, maybe a week.

Even now, he didn't feel his life was threatened. The most the girl could do was beat him up and turn him to the cops.

But Jean's next words made Jaison's heart froze.

"Indeed, what should I do with you?" Katie reached inside her midriff and pulled out a dagger from somewhere. "I'm feeling like throat slitting."

"What?" Jaison started struggling. At first he thought the worst scenario would be being handed over to the cops. Maybe he would be embarrassed and his parents would ground him for a few months, but he would be fine in the end. Worst to worst, his parents could strike a bargain with this girl. His parents were wealthy, and no real harm would be done. A village girl who came here to join the adult industry wouldn't be so determined to see him punished. In a few weeks, he could be roaming around the bars again, searching for his next bedmate.

But this was different. Jaison searched Katie's face for any sign of joking, but while the girl had a smile on her face, Jaison's heart was as cold as the tip of Mount Everest. Deep inside her heart, he knew the girl wasn't joking. She wasn't even slightly hesitant to end his life.

"What? Do you prefer something else instead? Drowning? Burning? Grenade down your mouth? I'll see what I can do."

"You want to kill me? Are you f**king kidding me? Who do you think you are?" The teenager was already yelling. All of his politeness was lost in the face of life threatening danger.

"Well, you did try to drug rape me. If it's not me and is some other girl instead, you would've gotten what you wanted. A girl will lose the most precious thing in her life and you will probably get away with it. Need anything else?"

"If you want to see me punished then turn me over to the police! They will give me the punishment I deserve! You don't have the right to do anything to me!" He saw Katie was unmoved. "Who the hell do you think you are? The Green Arrow? You don't get to kill people!"

"Well, I'm more of a white canary girl, but that is not the point." She suddenly jumped on the restrained man. Her dagger dug into his arm. Jaison screamed in pain, but it only made Katie more excited. Jaison could feel the girl's hot breath as she spoke.

"If you think I am doing this for justice, then you're wrong. This," She motioned for her revealing suit. "going through all this trouble to seduce you into raping me, it's just a step to get me more turned on about this. I don't kill innocent people, not because they're innocent but because I don't enjoy it, but killing thugs and crooks like you, it just makes me shake."

"I'm not a vigilante. I'm a killer, and the only reason you're my target is because I enjoy this."

Jaison looked into Katie's black eyes and realized she was telling the truth. He gulped, burning his brain cell in the millions to think of a way out, but Katie had already heard enough.

She wiped her hand, and Jaison felt a sharp pain in his neck. He tried to gulp, but he merely coughed. His mind turned dizzy as oxygen could no longer reach his brain. He tried to cover the fracture with his hands, but they were cuffed back. He couldn't even pretend to protect his life.

"Please…" He screeched quietly, but Katie simply took a step back and watched him with her legs spread open. She tilted her head cutely, but all Jaison felt toward her was hatred.

"You...I curse you...you will die...screaming…"

Katie smirked as the man bled out.

"Thank you. I would really like that."