My Dearest Bay-Bay,

I've done it - Finally! I've crossed over. It's so strange - I'm still in Vintage, but the town and people are a pale backdrop to my new world. I can still see the town and people, but it's all faded. There are new colors that I can see - they are indescribable. Really! I have no idea what to call them. The smells here are mostly amazing. It's funny to smell things again. I existed in limbo for so long.

I do have to be careful, though. There are shadows. I passed by one last night that frightened me so. It was like a portal from the Twilight Zone - getting darker as you got to the middle - there was a thick fog all around it and from within, I could hear noises - scary noises. Like something eating - crunching bones. The smell was rancid. I ran . . . fast!

There are others here. Like me. I met an old man named Harry and his son, Cricket. They're both very sweet. I'm not sure of the circumstances of their deaths. I usually run into them between Blueberry Lane and the cemetery. They're always out walking.

I haven't found Mom yet. I'm looking, though. She didn't seem to be anywhere near the farm, so I'm expanding my search. I've asked around, but no other ghosts seem to know her. I'm wondering if she went back to her childhood home down south. I suppose I could try travelling down there and see what I can see. I don't want to leave you, though. Even though you can't see me anymore, I'm still here. I can see you. Weirdly, I can't hear you, though.

I'm glad you and Monkey are together. She's sweet - and I think it's really good for Dad to have her around. He's smiling more.

I hope you get this letter so you know that I'm okay. I love you.

Take care, Little Brother.