I look around at all your things

And I wonder why you left

Why try so hard to mend my heart

To rip it from my chest

Why say things without meaning

Why do things without intent

Why put on such a fake performance

Why bring me such torment

Why play with me still present day

Then act as if it's untrue

Why keep up this illusion

Why keep me close to you

If you wanted me you had me

But you didn't so why stay

Present in my mind and thoughts

By asking "How's your day?"

You've done this several times before

It's not our first time down this road

You come and go in my life

As my heart slowly corrodes

Will this be the final time

Have you finally let me go

Or is this just a paused affair

That started years ago

I don't think i can stop you

My defenses never hold

Doesn't matter how hard I fight

My heart you have controlled

Only time will tell our fate

Though the distance now is far

But you'll always be a part of me

Even if it's just a scar