I'm not sure why you left that night

And decided to be with her

But still your actions scream at me

That it's me you would prefer

You say you want to just be friends

But what you say makes it feel like more

You push the boundaries that you set

And talk as we were before

You realize I am trying

To respect what you have asked

But how can I succeed at this

When we're still talking about the past

I hear you say I love you

To someone's else's ears

And the sound of you saying this

Brings my eyes to tears

I know that I still love you

Much more than just a friend

But I doubt more and more

That I'll have that chance again

We've gone back and forth

All these many years

Each time you turn and run

You succumb to all the fears

I cannot wait forever

For you to realize it is me

That we were meant to be as one

That I'm your destiny