Prologue: Night Watches

Here, a man. A mortal man. And there, a woman. Not a mortal woman.

Not a mortal in the way mortals defined them. Not a woman in the way mortals defined them, but a woman nonetheless. For the not mortal woman chose to be a woman and live her life as a woman; So she was, and always would be, a woman. Unless she chose otherwise.

And everywhere, Night.

For now.

Until Day came.

Though pieces of Night would always exist when Day came. In shadows. And in the realm her son carved for her.

Night was not a mortal woman either but chose to be a woman. For she once lived as a woman and was hurt as a woman but found strength as a woman, so she would exist as a woman.


It could be said that all Night did was exist now. She was once a force of creation. A powerful being who ruled side by side with Day. But he, for Day had chosen to be he, had hurt her. And sealed her away.

Her son was not born of Day but of a mortal whom she managed to impregnate when Night became a he, while struggling against her(his) bonds. Which made her son half-mortal. Her son tried to free her, with some measure of success, but ultimately got imprisoned himself.

Even now she could feel her son, straining against the walls that held him, desperate to stop existing and return to living.

Day was coming.

Night could feel it. As she felt the not mortal woman and the mortal man and all of Day's children and the speck of Day's light, another half mortal, living somewhere amongst the mortals in ignorance. Night could not see Day's light, for Day was wise and hid it, but she could still feel it.



She knew that Day's light was not among his children though. For she had checked.

His children.Who once fought her son and imprisoned him.

Night's face darkened and she swallowed her anger, causing the night sky to ripple and twirl. Not that the mortals could feel it. Though it sent ripples she knew Day's light felt. And that her son felt. And that the not mortal woman, and all her kind felt.

The mortal man tended a fire he didn't realize was dying while the not mortal woman watched him through the night from a distance the mortals called miles. Night felt the not mortal woman reaching for the mortal man with a power derived from Night.

The not mortal woman was, in some ways, her son's daughter. Which, in some way, made her Night's granddaughter.

Sort of.

The not mortal woman did not know this. And Night did not care. Though the ripple of Night's power caused the not mortal woman's power to flare, causing pain to the mortal man.

Night smiled.

Day was coming.

She must leave. And wait. As she has done for eons.

Her time draws near.