Hey kids! My name is Oldooz. It means "star" in Turkish. I just turned 10 this year! The story that you're going to read is part of my life. Mr. Behrang used to be our teacher. He stayed over at our house. I told him my story one day, and Mr. Behrang was delighted. He said: "If you'd let me, I'll write your story and make it into a book." I accepted on a few terms: One, write the story for children because adults are so distracted that they wont understand the story and wont enjoy it. Second, write my story for poor children or children that lead normal lives. These kids don't have permission to read my story: 1. Kids that bring servants to school and 2. Kids that ride expensive cars to school. Mr. Behrang said that in big cities, rich kids would do this and took pride in it, too.

I'll say this too, since we're here. Until I was seven, I lived with my stepmother. This story is about those times. My own mother was in the town, since my father had divorced her. He had sent her to live with her brother in the town and gotten another wife. Dad worked in an office. In those days, we lived in the city, but it was a small city. For example it only had one street. After a few years I too, went to the town.

Nevertheless, Mr. Behrang promised to write the story of my big doll after this one. I hope that you will learn a lot from my life story.

Your friend, Oldooz.