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She grumbled as she stared at herself in the mirror her PJ's were in need of a wash she needed to change and as she searched, she found it.

A pale green dress. it was on a mannequin beside her bed she smiled but it would be silly to get it dirty instantly she went to wash.

Chapter 6

Her hair was back to its soft Silken earth brown and thankfully her muscles were still lean and strong she pulled the dress over her head and she smiled as she looked around for her hairbrush, she would need it her hair was a tangled mess and she didn't want to go anywhere looking like this.

There it was on the desk she reached out and pulled with her power and it twitched and then came flying at her face smacking her on the knuckles as it went aimed to hit her between the eyes.

She hissed and swore as she untangled the mess that was her hair, she gave another cuss as she had to pull a clump of her hair out as her brush got stuck amongst the bird's nest.

She now had a headache and the awful cursed wiring, drilling sound seemed to be forcing itself into her mind.

Wait drilling?

Aw... socks.

When will the human race learn?

She had simply wanted to slow down the imminent ecological disasters that the human race seemed to make in bulk, but it seemed she had some death, violence and retribution to deal out, probably.

there you go.