This was bound to end up like this
There was no other ending
With the way things kept looping back
And the resentment climbing higher inside.

You were my best friend
You were the one I loved
But that all disappeared slowly
As the games continued to be played.

Its true
It was the hardest thing to do
Letting you go
But there was so much I could only take.

What really made up my mind
Is when you agree when I said
You wouldn't change
Like it was just a fact.

My heart has been broken for so long
That you kept healing it a bit
To just end up breaking it more
While I was being delusional.

You didn't even argue against anything I said
While my voice kept breaking apart
As I struggled to get everything out
So I can go and never come back.

There is no more us
No more nicknames
No more Yes and no arguments
No more stupid bets I always lose on.

Now it just me
While there is you
Walking farther away
To somewhere with no us.

And if you think Ill come back again
You didn't even understand me
Well at all
With the way things went
And the way I said things.