Sitting on the floor alone

Crying from this pain

Packing up all you're things

With nothing for me to gain

You've given me no sign of hope

No sign of a mistake

Despite the fact the reasons you left

She has yet to break

A piece of me died last night

As not one not two but three

The people who left me here to cry

And wonder why not me?

I gave you all you asked for

Didn't turn down a single request

And yet I'm here cringing

From all this pain inside my chest

I'm trying so hard to be your friend

But last night crossed the line

I'm packing up all your things

And you act as if it's fine

As I put something in your box

You stab me one by one

That you're really never coming back

And with me you're truly done

I gave you what you asked for

Filled what you had desired

And yet I'm the one you leave behind

And of this I'm simply tired

You've got to much pride to say it

You know it's just begun

The things you enjoyed the most here

You have completely undone

The friends you would hang out with

The things we would go do

You threw them away took 7 steps back

For a change that was untrue

Your living with your in-laws

Your wife behaves the same

But instead of coming back to me

Only love for her you claim

I sat on the floor last night

And cried from all the pain

Knowing you wouldn't answer

And that I should just abstain

So as you wish my darling

Worry about me no more

The love we had is ruined

And on you I'm closing the door

I'm sorry that your losing me

When you had just got me back

But I love you too much to watch you fade

And all feelings for me you lack

I'll miss you every single day

Just as I miss you now

And I'll always hold you in my heart

This to you I vow