Tossing and turning

Waking every hour

To look at my phone with no response

All positive thoughts turned sour

You haven't said a single word

Since I said I can't be friends

Since I said all forms of us is done

Since I said this is the end

Since I said that I love you

That I have for many years

You've said absolutely nothing

Making things so very clear

I guess I'm glad it's over

Since you've proven now it's fake

You never meant the things you said

You don't feel this heartbreak

If the person you loved 3 weeks ago

Turn to walk away

And the feelings you had were honestly true

You'd beg of them to stay

Instead you have no words for me

My screen absent of your name

Not a single notification

It was all a game

So I toss and turn and wonder

As our memories turn black

What once was happy turns to cold

And there's never a way back