I walked away from you today

To build back up my walls

To make them stronger and higher

So for you I never fall

I won't allow you close to me

Near my body or my mind

I've made a promise to myself

You've hurt me for the last time

I won't let you talk to me again

You convince me everytime

That you would never hurt me

To your lies I am so blind

I won't let you touch me again

You know just what to do

To have me falling in your arms

To at the end just screw

I won't make this mistake again

You think I would have learned

To keep my guard up always

When your name is ever heard

You always say the right thing

Then turn and do me wrong

This time you crossed the line with me

This silence is lifelong

I doubt you know that you aren't blocked

But I want to see the calls

When you realize the mistake you made

And that you love me after all

I will not talk myself out of this

I will not change my mind

I won't give in to the pain

I will be absolutely fine

As long as I stick to the plan

You can't get to me

And from the hurt you always bring

I'll forever be free

Please know that I love you

I wanted you and me

But you can't come and go as you please

Thinking I'll be waiting here carefree

I won't wait around in second place

I know Im better than that

I wish you nothing but the best

But i'm no longer your doormat