Why'd you call me tonight

With nothing new to convey

Say you have no words to respond

Same things you always say

Why re read the text message

The point is crystal clear

I love you and I can't be just friends

And just friends is all I hear

You're right my voice, my thoughts, my days

Your no longer privy to

Because you chose her over me

Because you said "I do"

My intent is not to hurt you

But to make you see

That when i'm gone and it's just her

You'll miss being with me

I'm sorry that you cried all day

I'm sorry you feel alone

It would never be like that

If you would just come home

I appreciate the gesture

I won't call you in need

The choice is yours to contact me

If you no longer disagree

That you love me as I love you

And we had something good

Something you took for granted

And take it back you wish you could

Unless you want to say to me

Something new I haven't heard

Please don't contact me anymore

I'm tired of the same words

Im tired of hearing you love me

But she is your wife

Im tired of hearing you want me

Only as a friend in your life

If one day you realize

you made a mistake

I cant promise ill be here

For you I no longer wait