Knocking Upon My Door Draws My Attention
Whomever it could be has aroused my Suspicion
To The Door I go And Proceed To Answer
In Order To Ascertain What Could Be The Matter
Imagine My Surprise
When I Doth Beheld My Own Eyes
My Doppelganger a Fireman's Axe Does Raise
Apparently Not There to Praise
I Stagger Back
No Time To Defend From This Attack
The First Blow I Take Across My Arm
My Flowing Blood Causing Me Great Alarm
Run To My Room, Behind The Door
To Hold To Life A Little More
My Door Paused Him Not A Moment
My Implaccable Opponent
Once More I Upon My Bed Did Fall
A Cry Of Help I Did Call
A Moments Blackness I Did Know
My Eyes Flutter A Dream This Did Show
But As I Shook Sleep From My Mind
What Before Me Did I Find
My Double With Ax Raised, The Spike Not Blade Did Descend
Through My Eye Brought My End
Wakefulness I Did Then Truthfully Come
Once More In My Home
A Headache Were The Spike Entered My Brain
And Thus Come The End Of My Refrain

Yes this sucks, did this to get this dream out of my head. Thought I'd share. I Will also be uploading this to my Deviantart with my other works there. Links to all my other works are on my profile. Have a good day all!