Hello Everyone! This is a story that spawned out of a deleted scene for a roleplay I am doing on another website. As anyone who roleplays probably knows, there are often scenes that fall through the cracks for various reasons. Often times though, those scenes are the ones that are the best, and this cute story falls into that category. I hope you enjoy the story!

The character of Misty belongs to my friend Kylia, and if she's reading this then I hope you enjoy my friend. :)


Misty typed the last few bits of information into the computer, her finger hovering over the 'send' button. She'd answered all the questions with as much personality as she could, and had spent an hour choosing the best professional photo of herself. All the cards were in her favor, and yet she still hesitated to send her information into the dating site on her computer.

It wasn't because the man she had had a crush on all throughout college was in the British Isles with his wife on a honeymoon, she was over him. It was time to move on. Plus, she was supposed to babysit his daughter any moment now.

A gentle knocking at the door caused her to get up and smile, gently shushing her two cats who were prowling around under the couch. Opening the door, she was presented with an amusing sight that caused her to cover her giggles with the palm of her hand.

An older woman stood on her porch, wearing a bright shirt and a green pair of leggings. Her neck and ears were adorned with jewelry, and a pair of pink sunglasses covered her face with her short brown hair done up in a bun. Beside her was a young six-year-old girl who, minus the jewelry, was the exact carbon copy of her companion.

The only difference was the backpack that the little girl wore, that had the head of a well-loved teddy bear poking out of the top.

"Hi! Grandma Cathy take me clothes shopping!" The little girl smiled, darting forward to hug Misty's leg before she playfully spun around. "I look divine right?"

"Of course you do Jessy," Misty answered, taking the little girl's overnight bag from her grandmother as the older woman laughed.

"Oh, Blake and Michelle will be so happy with their daughter when they get home. Between you and me, those two could use a bit more fashion sense when it comes to Jessy's style, but I fixed it up." Cathy finished, gazing down proudly at her handiwork, before looking back at Misty. "Now Blake and Michelle will be back on Monday to pick her up, and since you've taken care of Jessy before I think everything is all good."

"Of course." Misty nodded, watching the little girl gaze at the flowers she had planted by the porch. "We'll have two days worth of fun, don't you worry about us."

With one last hug, Cathy left and Misty led Jessy into the living room, noticing that her cats had gone out of sight.

Opening the door, she led her companion into the room. It wasn't much of a bedroom, with just a few shelves and a large bed, but for the six-year-old it would be perfect.

"I like it, Ms. Misty!" The little girl smiled, moving over to the bed and taking her teddy bear from her backpack with a smile. Drawing back the heavy covers with some difficulty, she placed her teddy bear under them and tucked him in, before offering an explanation to the bemused woman. "Teddy is very sleepy from all the grand adventures we have this week, so I gonna let him take nap."

The brown haired tot kissed her bear on the forehead and then quietly left the room, gazing up at her new caretaker as she began to excitedly explain just what those grand adventures entailed.

Misty listed to Jessy's stories without comment, hearing about how she had gone to the zoo and the aquarium in the same day with her uncle Mark, then had spent two whole hours at the mall with her grandparents and had gotten to pick out some new accessories for her dollhouse. After that, she'd gone swimming before going shopping with grandma Cathy.

"And now I here with you!" The girl finished, smiling up at Misty as the woman knelt down to her level.

"Wow Jessy, it seems like you've been having a lot of fun, but guess what?" She asked, watching Jessy's forehead crinkle in confusion.

"We're gonna have even more fun today and tomorrow! I promise. For today, how'd you like to help me bake some cookies for my bakery, and then we can have a slumber party and watch your favorite show, 'Wonder Woman!"

Watching Jessy cheer finally caused her to break down and giggle along with the six-year-old before she rose to her feet and stretched. "Let me just get everything set up and then we can get baking okay?"

She crossed over to the counter and began fishing the supplies she needed out of her cupboards, and while she was busy, Jessy began to plan.


Jessy watched Misty pull out jars and bags of things she didn't recognize, and the only thing she did recognize was the bag of chocolate chips. How did all those things make cookies?

Maybe she'd finally get to see the magic that Misty had inside of her. Because she knew that Misty was a princess in disguise! Her daddy had told her that Misty was a princess in college, and her daddy would never lie to her. Misty didn't share that same idea, because when Jessy had asked her if she was a princess, Misty had fibbed and said she wasn't.

So now she was going to play detective and prove that Misty really was a princess, and she had the perfect opportunity now. With the help of her grandparents, she'd read or had read to her, every fairytale in "The Big Book of Fairytales" and now she knew exactly which one Misty was the princess of, and she knew how to prove it as well. She just had to wait for the right time.

"Alright Jessy, wash your hands and put on your chef's hat because we are doing to make some cookies!" Misty smiled, watching Jessy wash up before the girl clambered onto a step-stool and looked at the recipe and ingredients.

"Can you read the instructions for me?" Misty asked, watching the girl squint at the big words and try to read them.

"Put one cup of flour into the mixing bowl." Jessy read, looking at the measuring cup that Misty held. "Hmm, that look like a weird cup, but I see mommy use them sometimes when she cook."

Misty laughed again, before letting the girl hold the cup as she poured the flour in. This was certainly going to be an interesting cooking session!


One hour, several giggles, and a few stolen bites of cookie dough later, the two trays of cookies were in the oven and baking. While Misty was cleaning the kitchen, Jessy fetched her teddy and told him what she had done, before placing her bear on the table and leaning to whisper in his ear.

"Alright Teddy, I gonna start super-secret plan now, so you stand guard and watch Ms. Misty okay?" She asked, slipping away from her bear and darting down the hallway, before moving towards Misty's room.

Her hands struggled to open the heavy door before she managed to push herself inside. Normally she wasn't allowed to go into an adult's bedroom unless it was an emergency, but this was for science, so it was probably okay.

Sneaking over to Misty's bed, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a marble. It was a very large marble, and it had a very special mission. Misty had told her a lot about what kind of princess she was in their conversations, and she'd used that information to narrow things down.

Lifting up the mattress, she rolled the marble underneath, hoping it would form a big lump so she could prove her theory! Once the marble was underneath, she placed the mattress back down and slipped out of Misty' bedroom, closing the door behind her.

There, she'd done it, and tomorrow morning she would know once and for all if Misty was a princess! Turning around, the little girl froze as two pairs of eyes shown from the darkness, coming closer to her.

Did Misty have guard animals?! Would she be in trouble if they told on her?! Shivering in fear, she swallowed hard as two cats stalked towards her, purring and winding around her body as Jessy began to walk toward Misty, hearing the cats' purrs increase.

"Ms. Misty? I not know you have kitties, but are they gonna explode?" She asked hesitantly as she moved back into the kitchen.

"Oh, don't worry Jessy, those are my cats. The black one is Jinx and the grey one is Bootsie. They are purring because they like you!" Misty smiled, "Go on, give then a pet."

"Mkay." Jessy reached out, resting her hand on Jinx's head and letting the cat walk under her before gazing down at both cats. Well, they certainly seemed friendly! And they didn't seem like the type of cats to get little girls in trouble, so her secret plan was probably safe.

"Hello Jinx, hello Bootsie!" The girl chirped, patting them both on their heads. "My name Jessy and this teddy! I think we all be good friends!"

A laugh Misty couldn't help filled her mouth as the adorable scene unfolded before her before she smiled. "Alright, the cookies are almost done and I made some of the vegetable soup you liked so much for dinner. I'll get a bowl ready, and then we can watch Wonder Woman cartoons!"

"Goody!" Jessy cheered, hugging Teddy to her as her new catfriends wandered back into the hallway. Putting a super secret plan in place sure made little girls hungry!


"And they all lived happily ever after." Misty finished, closing the picture book that Jessy had brought for her bedtime, her words fading to a whisper as the little tot fell asleep with teddy clutched in her arms.

Leaving the room and gently shutting the door behind her, she walked out into the living room and picked up the folded blankets that she and Jessy had used for a fort, humming quietly to herself as she cleaned up.

It certainly was nice having a child in the house, and for a moment she found herself wishing that she had a child of her own. The love of learning, the cuteness, and the innocent spirit of adventure that Jessy had was something that she would really want to find in her own child.

Her eyes flicked to the computer that held the dating profile website before she shook her head. Before she could think about having a child, she'd need to find a loving husband first. She almost walked over to the computer to finish off the dating profile, but... no.

"I need some rest." Misty declared to herself, her feet instead taking her to her bedroom. Jessy was probably going to have even more energy tomorrow, and she needed to be prepared for that. Sliding under her covers, she began writing in her diary, shifting around in the bed before placing the journal down and closing her eyes.

She shifted left, then right, and then up and down, rolling over onto her stomach with a huff. Something was off because normally she was out like a light the moment she closed her eyes. Instead, a dull pain was pressing into her lower back, and no matter how much she shifted... it was still there.

Wriggling on her stomach, she groaned as the dull throbbing found its way to her front, and then each of her sides when she rolled onto them.

"Face it Misty, you are getting old." She muttered, wondering if moving around with Jessy had caused her to use some different muscles or something. After a few more moments of shifting uncomfortably, she stood up with a painful sigh. Maybe she just needed a new mattress, she'd had this one for years anyway, so it was probably getting lumpy.

Grabbing her blankets and pillow, she shuffled towards her rocking chair and sat down, arranging herself for a less lumpy but still very uncomfortable sleep.


The sun shone into the kitchen as Misty poured herself a cup of tea, already feeling the bumps of yesterday start to fade. During her shower, she'd noticed several ball-shaped bruises on her skin, so either bedbugs were making crop circles on her flesh, or she'd have to overhaul her old mattress to get a good nights rest.

The woman turned when a familiar "Hi Ms. Misty!" filled her ears, feeling a twinge of envy towards the obviously well rested six-year-old.

"You sleep well?" The little girl asked, setting teddy up on the counter as she clambered onto the chair herself. Her eyes shining with eagerness as she awaited an answer to the question.

"I didn't Jessy, I had bumps and bruises all night, but once I drink my tea I'll be energized enough to make us both some eggs. How's that sound?" She answered, sipping her tea and feeling herself start to jolt awake.


She lowered her glass to gaze at the squeeing girl, who was wriggling in the chair and clapping happily. I doubt Jessy likes eggs that much Misty thought, waiting for the girl to calm down before Jessy began to fish around in her backpack.

After a few moments, she withdrew a green detective's hat from the bag and placed in on her head before smiling at Misty.

"Ms. Misty, you are a princess, and guess what guess what! I can provedy it!" Jessy smiled, seizing her bear in an excited hug as the woman resisted the urge to chuckle. For some reason, Jessy always seemed to think that she was a princess, but hearing her reasoning ought to be good.

"You are the Princess and the Pea Princess from the princess and the pea story!" Jessy declared. "In story, a prince had a woman sleep on matresses and pillows, lots of them! But there was little pea under them that make lump. Then when woman say she no sleep good, the prince say that only real princess could feel pea under all the soft stuff!"

Misty watched the girl withdraw a blue marble from her pocket, lifting it into her face. "So I putted this marble under you bed to act like pea, and since you feel it, you are princess too! I provedyed it!"

The thoughts sprung into Misty's mind as the little girl congratulated herself, wondering if she could explain that fairy tales weren't real and that anyone could have felt that lump. Did she even have a right to? After all, she wasn't the girl's mother.

Before she could make her decision, Jessy began speaking again, shrugging her little shoulders. "I dunno why you tell people you are not princess, maybe it cause you no want to be locked up by monsters or have baddies steal you sweets. But because you are princess you can dood anything you want! Things always go good for princesses in the stories, so Iknow you will be good too." The little girl smiled, seeming a bit wiser than normal as she hopped off the chair and walked around to hug Misty's leg tightly.

"And no worry, I will no tell anyone that you are princess. I very good at secret keeping."

"Thanks Jessy." Misty replied, patting the girl's head with a smile. "I can't have everyone knowing my secret. Otherwise big problems will happen."

You can do anything you want. Maybe it was time to embrace the magic that Jessy believed in, and while Jessy put her detective hat away, she quickly crossed over to her computer.

Opening it up, her finger tapped the send button, and just like that her dating profile was up on the web. Maybe she was a princess and maybe she wasn't, but perhaps her prince was out there waiting for her.

If Jessy could believe in fairytales, maybe she could too.

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