1. Beware of The Quiet Ones.

Basil walked down the hall, holding onto a script in his hands. Just when he could turn to the left to the courtyard—


An avalanche of cream and fruit was smeared onto his head, sticking to his dirty blonde hair. A smattering of chuckles emanated from behind, Prince Rais-Lian-Sagar holding onto his dark blue hair, pointing to the younger teen.

Basil's mouth stiffened, as his fingers twitched around.

A Day Later…

Prince Rais' body was contorted, bearing a blank face. Honey and honeycombs were laden all around his body, binding him to the tan and black frosted marble wall. How did he not see that coming?

Basil manifested before him, smiling evilly and staring him down.

Oh, course… Basil was a selective mute – he had used to it his advantage to surprise him.

2. Biology Work (Modern Day; No Royalty).

"Basil, what the heck is that?" Rais-Lian-Sagar asked, pointing to his partner's laptop.

"A civet," the boy drank from his cup.

"It looks like a raccoon and a leopard had a baby together," Rais commented.

"Just like your new joggers," Basil retorted calmly, writing down what he needed to for his Biology homework.

Rais looked down solemnly, "Hey…"

3. Formidable.

A large ogre in bear fur emerged, striking his spiked mace onto his large, thick palm. "Prince Rais' catamite,"

"I am formidable as," Prince Basil twirled the battle ax before him, the larger blade aimed at the ogre.

"In appearance, though in battle…?" the ogre snickered.

4. Envy.

Rais-Lian-Sagar sat the bar of the country club, laughing and joking around with the other men, downing a frothy, overflowing pint.

Basil watched enviously, narrowing his eyes as his cheek was cupped. It was at that point, something made Rais snort and spray his drink at the horizon. There were several laughs after as Basil cringed at it.

The boy turned away, but then remembered something his mother told him, "It is always best to have someone that is the opposite of you, otherwise, life would be bland." Basil watched from the corner of his eyes, and quietly sighed as he hummed to himself.