A/N: This was a short story I submitted for a creative writing class, I got some good feedback and would like to hear what you all think. It's really just fluff, but I hope y'all enjoy.

"Tell me a story." Alli begged.

Dri looked down at her little sister, her hands stilled as she smoothed out the heavy white and blue comforter. She had never told a story before, then again, she'd never had a little sister before.

Thoughts whirled in her mind. She searched her memories for a story- any story- that she could remember. A voice broke through her foggy brain. It was her mother, whispering an old, Native tale that Dri often asked to hear as a child.

Smiling, Dri turned the covers down. She sat next to Alli on the bed and smoothed back several strands of her sister's black hair.

"Did you ever hear the myth of the blue sky?" Dri asked.

Alli's eyes lit up as she shook her head. Her black eyes fixated themselves on her sister's face as Dri began the ancient tale.

"One day the goddess of beauty, Lias, threw a great banquet in her own honor. She had an announcement to make and wanted her whole family to hear it."

"What was the secret?" Alli cut in.

"Patience! Close your eyes and listen."

Alli huffed, but closed her eyes tightly.

"You see, Lias had yet to be wed. She desired to be married, but only to one who was worthy. So she came up with a plan. Only the man who could give her the most beautiful gift in all the world would be her husband. This proclamation went out to the human world as well and reached the ears of a young potter. The young man's name was Elion and he was in love with Lias, but from afar as she was a goddess."

"Why would that stop him?"

Dri sighed. "Alli, go to sleep, it's far past your bedtime as it is."

"But I want to know!"

"And you will find out, if you are quiet and listen."


Once again Alli closed her eyes.

"Now, where was I?"


"Right. Elion loved Lias and when he heard of the competition to win the goddess's hand, he knew exactly what to do. He knew Lias was an artist as he was and what did every artist need?"

"Paint!" Alli broke in.

"No. A canvas."

"What's that?"

"It's a white fabric thing that artists paint on." Dri explained exasperatedly.

"Oh. Keep going."

Dri rolled her eyes, but a small smile slowly crept onto her face.

"So Elion appealed to Lias's sister, Meera- the goddess of the ocean. He asked Meera to take the sea water and place it above the earth as a canvas for Lias. Meera agreed, but only in exchange for Elion's firstborn daughter. Despite his doubts, Elion agreed to the terms."

Fully expecting another interruption, Dri glanced down at her sister; Alli's eyes were closed, fast asleep.

A soft smile graced Dri's face.

She continued the story, quieter than before.

"So Elion presented his gift to Lias. She absolutely loved it. They were wed with the pantheon of immortals in attendance, under a starry night. But misfortune soon befell the newlyweds, when Elion told Lias that their first daughter would be given to her sister Meera, Lias flew into a fiery rage and would have killed her beloved, but Meera intervened. She saved Elion by turning him into water and putting him in the sky, but Elion's sadness for his wife's distress tinged the sky blue as it is today. And only when Lias forgives her husband will the sky ever change color again."

Dri leaned over and pressed a kiss to Alli's forehead. "Good night, little sister."