Between the black and the white are you and I

In a land of blurred lines and shifting tides

Where"no" means "yes", and "yes" means "I lied"

Where you smile because you're dying inside.

It's a place hidden, yet not hard to find,

Tucked away in the midst of your ever changing mind

Here we are, well acquainted with beautiful disaster,

And loving for no reason but to chase after.

It was wrong! No, it was right.

Indefinable conversations held deep into the night

For once I thought I had it right, and here we stand;

Our bleeding hearts dripping in our hands.

But in this murky grey where the black and white blend

Lives something you and I could never hope to mend,

And grey! This grey we which we reside

That causes a dead longing to stir inside.

A love for gray? Can it be so?

A ridiculous notion given time to grow.

I'll speak aloud the words, here written in my chest,

Between the black and the white, I fear I must confess,

Is a world of gray that's vibrant with color!

The blue of your eyes (a blue like no other)

The crimson of your heart as it beats with mine,

The neon of the day our two hearts intertwined.

I wish I could say I hated this place;

Your laugh, your smile, that look upon your face,

But the hatred and lies belong with the black,

And here in the middle there is none of that.

Nor can I say I love it, for that would be strange,

To love what hurts time, and time again.

So with my crimson stain in limbo I'll lie,

Beneath the grey clouds of a greyer sky.

Here, where the lines blur, and somehow we're content to stay,

Between the black, between the white, yet somehow not in the grey.